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How to get the DaVinci package
The DaVinci package can be obtained as any other LHCb package via the getpack command.
For example on lxplus:

> getpack  Phys/DaVinci v1r2

To make the executable follow the standard CMT  procedures

How to control the application
DaVinci is controlled via jobOptions as any Gaudi application. In the  subdirectory options there is an example joboptions file


is to be modified and customized. It includes DaVinciCommon.opts that defines the services and DLLs to be loaded and are common to any job. Default options for algorithms and tools in the DaVinciTools library are loaded automatically, but can be overwritten in DaVinci.opts later on.

Comments in DaVinci.opts are provided to give an indication of how to modify the options.

An example of a script of how to run a job (both interactively and in batch) is provided in the subdirectory job


As for any Gaudi application you can also give the job options by setting the JOBOPTPATH environment variable

> setenv JOBOPTPATH myDaVinci.opts

or giving it as an argument of the executable

> DaVinci.exe  myDaVinci.opts