Boole developments after start of DC06 production

N.B: This version will include changes described in the LHCbSys, Lbcom work plans.

Subsystem Item Responsible Status
Framework Get geometry DB version from input data M.Cattaneo Wish list...
  Review Spillover mechanism (luminosity of Spillover events should be the same as main event, with correct LHC bunch structure)   See talk of 22/11/02
  Commission re-digitization from .digi file.   Done for main event, changes needed for Spillover (need to access spillover .sim files..)
  Re-commission LHC background   LHC background will be added in Gauss at generator level. When done, need to check that sub-detectors handle the timing offset correctly.
Old spillover style addition in Boole can be removed.
  Recommission IRST tool for coding rules check M.Cattaneo  
  Add initialization and output time to Chrono measurements M.Cattaneo  
  Improve Boole.job to allow use also with patch releases, merge with valgrind.job, common job with Brunel? M.Cattaneo  
  Check for differences between optimized, debug and Windows outputs M.Cattaneo  
  Verify possibility to regenerate single MC Events from scratch M.Cattaneo  
  Put the TopAlgs inside a top level Sequence, so that they are also timed M.Cattaneo  
L0 Luminosity dependent L0 decision   See OC's talk on 2005/03/02
Software quality and documentation (see also Reconstruction project guidelines)
  Update user guide M.Cattaneo