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This is the main page for the LHCb Frameworks and Components. The GAUDI framework is the  framework for all the LHCb event processing applications. There other specialized frameworks for the different domains.

General Framework Services The basic kernel of the framework with a number of common services.
Data Dictionary Services Programming language independent data definition language. Runtime type information.
LHCb shared packages General purpose LHCb classes, including the Event Model and the Detector Description
Detector Conditions Database for detector conditions (calibration, slow control, alignment, etc.). Generic model for handling calibrations and alignments
User Interaction Definition and implementation of interactive services. Graphical interfaces and scripting tools.
Data Visualization Visualization services. Development of the Event and Geometry display program.
Object Persistency Development of the object persistency mechanisms (technology neutral). Interface with the framework.
Data Management Bookkeeping, event tag collections, mass storage interface, etc.
Geant4 Services (GiGa) Integration of the Geant4 toolkit in the framework. Development of a number of conversion services (geometry, generated particles, hits)
Data Analysis Services Development of the services required for data analysis (particle properties, fitting services, etc.) (See DaVinci program)
Grid interface (Ganga) Interface to the Grid services. Development of an application for physicists and production managers to submit Gaudi jobs to the Grid

Mailing List and Meetings

There are LHCb core software weekly  meetings with telephone conference facilities. The mailing list lhcb-core-soft is used to announce meetings and distribute relevant information and there is archive of it .

Presentations and other Documents