GaudiObjDesc - getting started

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This page will explain the first steps one has to take to get started with GaudiObjDesc

  1. First of all you need to build the directory-structure for the new package. In the end the structure of the package should look like this:

    example package structure

  2. In the subdirectory '/cmt' the requirements-file has to be placed. In the requirements-file at least the following lines are needed:

    package Eventpack

    version v1r0

    branches cmt doc xml Event

    use GaudiKernel v*
    use GaudiObjDesc v* -no_auto_imports

    #---- Produce Header-Files from XML description
    apply_pattern god_headers files=../xml/Eventpack.xml

    #---- Copy the header files to the InstallArea
    apply_pattern install_more_includes more=Event

    #---- Implementation files, if any, should be handwritten and
    #---- compiled into a library
    library Eventpack ../src/*.cpp
    apply_pattern linker_library library=Eventpack

    #---- Produce dictionary selection files from XML description
    #---- and build the LCG dictionary using gccxml
    apply_pattern god_dictionary files=../xml/Eventpack.xml


  3. After executing a 'cmt config', which will produce all necessary scripts and a 'source setup.csh' (or a 'setup.bat') the following line should appear:

    Copying gdd.dtd to local xml-directory


  4. Now you may go to the xml-directory starting to write the Eventpack.xml - file. The basic structure of this file should look somehow like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE gdd SYSTEM "gdd.dtd">

      <package name="Eventpack">

        <class name="Class1" author="tbd" desc="Some description">

          <!-- content of class1 -->


        <class name="Class2" author="tbd" desc="Some description">

          <!-- content of class2 -->


        <!-- more classes -->



  5. If you want to do check whether the xml-description produces the intended output you may issue the GaudiObjDesc-tool for producing the .h-files without compiling them. The command for linux will look like

    ${GAUDIOBJDESCROOT}/${CMTCONFIG}/GODWriteCppHeader.exe -o ../Event/ Eventpack.xml

    and for windows

    %GAUDIOBJDESCROOT%\%CMTCONFIG%\GODWriteCppHeader.exe -o ..\Event\ Eventpack.xml


  6. If all the necessary header-files are produced you may try to execute a 'make' in the cmt-directory. Now all header-files should be produced and compiled.

See also the WiKi maintained by Daya Bay Reactor Experiment

This page was last edited by MC on July 10, 2007.