GaudiObjDesc - Introspection (Obsolete)

This page was last edited on July 13, 2007.

Gaudi Introspection aims to port the functionality of the Java Reflection API to C++. Introspection is the ability to investigate objects from a meta-level, to retrieve information about these objects and also to interact and manipulate them. For the time being the Gaudi Introspection package allows users to do this only with the data members of a given class. The Introspection API is based on a number of "Meta" classes (see class diagram) which provides all the information.

The information needed to populate the Gaudi Introspection meta-model could be produced by early versions of Gaudi Object Description (see figure). These tools produced C++-code that could be loaded into Gaudi Introspection and fill a defined meta-model with the class-information. 

This functionality was removed from Gaudi following the migration to Reflex dictionaries