Gaudi Tutorials

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This page is maintained by Marco Cattaneo. Last updated on 07-Nov-08

This page is obsolete and no longer maintained.

The new address for the LHCb software tutorials documentation is:

The following is a catalogue of tutorial sessions that have been given on Gaudi and other LHCb software. The material is provided as-is, with no guarantee that it is still fully relevant.

  • 4th LHCb UK software course, Bristol, April 9-11 2008 (Material)
  • 32nd LHCb software week, CERN, March 17 (Material) 18 (Material)and 19 (Material), 2008
  • 31st LHCb software week, CERN, October 1 (Material) and 3 (Material), 2007
  • 3rd LHCb UK Software Course, Edinburgh, January 8-10 2007 (Material)
  • Dortmund Analysis Tutorial, Dortmund, November 20-24 2006 (Material)
  • LHCb Italian Software Tutorial, Bologna, June 6-8 2006 (Material)
  • Gaudi Basics: 25th April 2006 at CERN (Material)
  • LHCb UK Software Course, January 10-12 2006 (Material)
  • Gaudi Basics: 14th/15th November 2005 at CERN (participants)
  • Gaudi Basics: 12th April 2005 at CERN (participants)
  • UK Analysis Tutorial, Cambridge, December 8-10 2004 (Material)
  • Advanced topics: 10th/11th November 2004 (19th Software Week) at CERN (Material)
  • Gaudi Basics: 9th November 2004 at CERN (participants)
  • Gaudi Basics and Building Tools: 4-5 March 2002 at CERN
  • Gaudi Basics: 22nd October 2001 at CERN
  • Gaudi Advanced: 23rd October 2001 at CERN
  • Gaudi Basics: 25th April 2001 at CERN (participants)
  • Gaudi Basics: 19th June 2001 at CERN (participants)