Programme of Work Meeting

June 28/29
Location - Conference Room at ALEPH pit

Minutes of meeting 

Wednesday a.m. Project planning, quality control, web, Java   (WORD)
Wednesday p.m. Data Management, event model, conditions DB, bookkeeping (WORD)
Thursday a.m. GRID, simulation (generators, GiGa, migration plan)  (WORD)


The goal of this meeting is to plan the next phase in our programme of work covering the next 12-18 months. Several topics will be covered with the aim of defining the strategy for tackling each one and describing the tasks to be performed. In addition we will also attempt to set priorities and assign the people who will work on them. The output of the meeting should resemble a draft workplan.


The idea for the format is to have discussion and brainstorming. However preparation is needed for each topic to start the discussion with a proposal of the basic options and to suggest a strategy. The people responsible for preparing each item are indicated on the agenda. Relevant material should be prepared in advance and circulated to participants before the meeting, if possible.


The outcome of the meeting will be presented during the next Software Week on Friday July 7th. The input received will be used to finalise the work programme for presentation to the entire collaboration in Milano.


The meeting will be held using the meeting room at the ALEPH pit and lunch will be organised on both days. All those interested in participating are welcome but please let John Harvey know if you wish to participate in lunch on both days.


Wednesday June 28th 

9.30 - 12.30  Software Process Improvement (SPI) Activities

Project Planning and Tracking    (ppt, pdf)                John
Software Checklist - Proposal for controlling and documenting all the steps in developing software (ppt)      Pere
Quality Control - procedures and tools for measuring code (size, complexity,...), tracking bugs etc. (ppt, pdf) Marco
Web structure and page design    (ppt, pdf)              John / Olivier
Using Java - feasibility and practical issues  (ppt)        Stefan

Lunch  - Barbecue at La Chenaille

14.30 - 18.30 Data Management

- Event Model - language independent representation, common structures and approaches  (pptPere
- Event Storage - define strategy on data persistency, data archive and distribution  (ppt, docMarkus
- Conditions Database -  interface definition and services to algorithms    (ppt)                              Andrea
- Bookkeeping / TAG database - define strategy    (ppt                                                            Pere
- Use Of GAUDI framework in online - DAQ data formats, configuring tasks etc  (ppt)                Beat

Thursday June 29th

9.30 - 10.15 Grid Project

- use of grid software and use of grid testbed in LHCb (ppt)               Eric

10.30 - 12.30 Simulation

- integration of GAUDI and GEANT4
        o event generators     Paolo
        o detector geometry   Gonzalo
        o outputting hits  GiGa (pdf), GiGa evolution (pdf)         Vanya
- migration plan for moving to new simulation framework   Florence

Lunch  - La Maison Blanche

14.30 - 17.30 Event Display and  Interactive Analysis

- visualisation framework strategy                        Guy
- user interaction and support for scripting (ppt)        Eric
- work programme to produce  functional event display :   views, projections         discussion
- strategy for use of interactive analysis tools       Gloria