SICB release procedure

  1. We hold regular "SICB" meetings (once per month or as required) where we decide whether a new release is required. This meeting will decide on the priorities, and what will go into which release. The participants of this meeting are representatives of subdetectors, physics, trigger and computing:

    Others who have expressed an interest in past meetings (e.g. Patrick Koppenburg, Mike Koratzinos) are welcome. If a new release is required this group will decide:

    Theses dates are published on the web.

  2. Before updating the software, the foreseen changes should be comminucated to:
  3. If an urgent modification is required, but not yet ready by the deadline, the release can be postponed by a request to the librarian, copy to the others in the sicb group.
  4. If a change is found rapidly (within one day) after the release, and this change will affect only the production, and production has not yet started, a re-release can take place, without change of version number.
  5. Any release will take place at the beginning of the week, monday preferentially, with a frequency of at most one release per week.

This page last edited by AJ & EvH on December 20, 2000.