This page will automatically create a MS Visual Studio workspace for you (sicb version >200 only!). The source files are taken from AFS, and therefore to use this project, you need to run the AFS client on NT.

Make sure that the LHCb directory is mounted as a submount via a command such as "net use l: \\alpc01-afs\lhcb" where l: is the diskletter, alpc01 is the name of your pc and lhcb is the appropriately defined submount.

In the form below, you need to give the diskletter under which you have accessed the AFS files. When you click on the button, a self extracting archive, sicbnt.exe will be prepared for you containing the necessary files.

  • To download it, fill in this form and simply click on the link on the next page.
  • The preparation of the files may take several  minutes, depending on the load on the server.
  • To install the files, double click on sicbnt.exe from the Windows Explorer.
  • This will work from any NT computer in the world running MS Visual Studio and an AFS client.
  • To execute sicb.exe, run the batch file sicbenv.bat to set environment variables.

Version nr.

Drive letter where you plan to install and run sicb from:

Name of the directory where you plan to install sicb, from the root, without driveletter (e.g. \evh\public\mydirectory):

Drive letter for AFS files on your system:

C(l)ick it!


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