Installing the PVSS MC Control centre

  1. Log on as local administrator.
  2. Download PVSS 2.12.1 from:
  3. Run setup
  4. cd <installation_dir>/bin 
    where <installation_dir> is for example c:\etm\pvss2\2.12.1 for windows or /localdisk/pvss/pvss_v2.12.1 for linux
  5. Run PVSStoolGetHW > outfile
  6. mail "outfile" to, asking for a new shield file
  7. put the shield file in <installation_dir>
  8. Extract the project file to <project_dir> (in linux please use unzip -a or tar -zxf )
    where <project_dir> can be for example c:\ on windows or /localdisk on linux
  9. Open <project_dir>/mccontrol/config/config and set pvss_path and proj_path according to your settings: pvss_path = <installation_dir> and proj_path = <project_dir>/mccontrol
  10. In Windows:
    - Set the Environment Variable PVSS_II to <project_dir>\mccontrol\config\config (in the Control Panel, System, Environment tab)
    - Create a new shortcut (MCControlUI) on the desktop with target: "PVSS00ctrl.exe -data -event MCControlUI" and Start in:  "C:\ETM\PVSS2\2.12.1\bin"
    In Linux:
    - Create a script containing the following:
    setenv OS Linux
    setenv PVSS_II <project_dir>/mccontrol/config/config
    setenv PVSS_SYSTEM_ROOT <installation_dir>
    PVSS00ctrl -data -event MCControlUI &
  11. From then on to start the monitoring: on windows just open the shortcut (BAT file also provided), on linux execute the script.

MCcontrol distribution

mccontrol client:

(The complete project can be found here. - OLD)

Precompiled version for Linux & source.

This binaries compiled with static DIM library.
mc_server_send_v1r16.tar.gz (Last)

To compile (if you want to do so):

  1. Download mc_server_send archive and uncompress it  (use unzip -a or tar -zxf).
  2. Download DIM by following the instructions on 
  3. Define the environment variable DIMDIR  
  4. Compile DIM
  5. Compile mc_server_sent

Recompiling mcsend and mcserver on Windows
(Not supported)

  1. Download the zip file with the MS visual studio 6 project files
  2. Copy the expanded source directory over the c:\mccontrol\source directory created above.
  3. Download DIM by following the instructions on
  4. Define the environment variable DIMDIR (probably as c:\Dim)
  5. Double click on the visual studio workspace and recompile as usual.