1. Register yourself as a PCSF user.
  2. Use the lspasswd command to activate your account on PCSF. Remember to do this everytime you change your Windows NT/Novell password.
  3. Make sure that your environment variables containing LHCB and SICB do not have a hard coded path in them.
  4. Obtain a SHIFT/Tapes account.
  5. Fill out the page http://lhcb.cern.ch/test.htm. Make sure the amount of triggers can be generated within the time of the job - if the job runs out of time there is no guarantee that you'll get anything back, as far as I have seen.
  6. This page allows you to set some parameters (nr of triggers, kinematical constraints, tape number and file sequence number). It then obtains a unique set of random number seeds and assigns the next available run number to your job. The next job number (-90000) is stored in http://lhcb.cern.ch/sicb/Lsfjob/job.next. The random number seeds for  xx = (job number - 90000) can be found in http://lhcb.cern.ch/sicb/Lsfjob/rndmseedxx.last.
  7. The next page will contain a link to a .bat file (mcbb900xx.bat) that you must download onto your NICE NT shared disk (e.g. \\srv5_home\usr13\home\evh). For the moment, it is only possible to submit jobs from here. Early in 1999, you'll be able to submit jobs directly from the page above under point 4.
  8. Submit this .bat file via the LSF system in the usual way.
  9. The .bat file sets environment variables, copies the sicb executable, dbase files and an NT Ascii version of the field map. It copies, then calls, a bash script that runs sicb.exe. Then the output data is staged and written onto tape.
  10. The job log is copied into http://lhcb.cern.ch/sicb/Lsfjob/job900xx.txt, and any temporary files are copied into http://lhcb.cern.ch/sicb/Lsfjob/bincl
  11. On completion of your job, you will receive an email with some indication as to whether your job ran or not. The only guarantee that everything whent ok is to look at the file job900xx.txt. At the end of the job it should say 'Job finished'. If you don't get the file job900xx.txt and there is nothing obviously wrong, re-submit the job.

This page last edited by EvH on December 20, 2000.