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CMT is no longer used by LHCb, so this page is kept for historical reasons. For the current LHCb configuration management, see the CMake FAQ

CMT is a Configuration Management Tool written by C.Arnault /LAL available for many platforms, including all those supported by LHCb software. The CMT manual  is available at the CMT site: follow documentation

  • it handles a package or a collection of packages.
  • it has some knowledge about language, compiler, link editor, conditional code.
  • this knowledge can be modified or completed by the user.
  • each package has a manager which tells the tool what to do (a library or an application) and how to do it.

Using CMT in LHCb

Installing CMT

CMT is automatically installed by the LHCb software installation script whenever you install any LHCb software project:

> python -p <project> -v <version> -b

The srcipt automatically selects the most appropriate version to install. After installation, set the environment with:

> source scripts/ExtCMT.csh

Other Documents and Presentations

  • LCG SCRAM CMT Report and LHCb response
  • Use of CMT in LHCb", by P. Mato, 1st CMT workshop, LAL (Orsay) Feb 2002 (pdf, ppt)
  • "New Structure in CVSROOT and Release Area", by F. Ranjard, Feb 2001 (pdf)
  • "Use of configuration management tool in LHCb software", by P. Mato, CHEP2000, Padova, Feb 2000 (pdf, ppt)
  • "SICB under CMT", by F. Ranjard, June 1999 (ppt)

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