LaTeX class file for LHCb notes

(Very) quick start

There are two options.

Download the files and use them

There are three files to download.

  1. The lhcbnote.cls class file. It defines the LHCb class of document (based on the article class) which loads the next two packages,
  2. The lhcb-ext.sty package. It includes user macros specific to LHCb notes (document number, etc.),
  3. The lhcb.sty package redefines standard LaTeX macros to reshape the document.
Put the files in the same directory your LHCb note will be saved. Create a file following the shape the LHCb note (look at the example we provide).

Configure TeX to use the LHCb TeX repository

If you have access to the AFS directory of CERN, you can configure your LaTeX distribution to use files from the Online AFS area.
 Add the folling line to your Makefile or type in the shell you run LaTex. export TEXINPUTS:=$(TEXINPUTS):/afs/


There is a (not completely up-to-date) documentation available as well, it does not describe all the recently added features.


Gloria Corti has improved the titlepage formatting and added new features to the authors list. For use of these features please look in the example.

Bug reports

Benjamin Gaidioz is the author of both the LaTeX class and this web page. Niko Neufeld is the current maintainer. He will be pleased to get comments from you.

Lyx layout file

If you use LyX to write LaTeX documents, you can use the lhcbnote.layout layout file, with the following instructions:

  1. Put lhcbnote.layout in ~/.lyx/layouts/lhcbnote.layout
  2. Put lhcbnote.cls in your TeX path, usually somewhere like /usr/local/texmf/tex/latex/lhcbnote/lhcbnote.cls
  3. Run LyX
        Click Edit -> Reconfigure
  4. Restart LyX

The lhcbnote.layout file was contributed by Karol Hennessy