CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics

The LHCb Thesis Awards recognize excellent PhD theses and additional work done during the studentship, over and above the central thesis topic, that has made an exceptional contribution to LHCb.
- Nathan Jurik, Syracuse University,  “Observation of J/ψ p resonances consistent with pentaquark states in 0b → J/ψKp decays",  and for significant contributions to the development and testing of readout electronics for the Upstream Tracker (UT) upgrade 

- Oliver Lupton, University of Oxford,  "Studies of D
0→K0sh+h'- decays at the LHCb experiment", and for significant contributions to the High Level Trigger (HLT)

- Alex Pearce, University of Manchester, “Measurements of charm production and CP violation with the LHCb detector”, and for significant contributions to the detector monitoring, leadership roles in the Run 2 “early measurements” campaign and the LHCb Starterkit project
- Lucio Anderlini, University of Florence, "Measurement of the Bc+ Meson lifetime using Bc+ → J/ψμ+νμX decays with the LHCB detector at CERN", and for contributions to calibration of particle identification

- Daniel Craik, University of Warwick, "A measurement of the CKM angle γ from studies of DKπ Dalitz plots", and for contributions to EvtGen and LAURA++

- Agnieszka Dziurda, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN Krakow, "Studies of time dependent CP violation in charm decays of B
s0 mesons", and for contributions to the Run 2 vertex finding algorithm