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- LHC rap on Youtube
"Not a moment to lose at the LHC", Symmetry Magazine, Sept. 09
- "Einstein" im CERN, SF1 Broadcast on 26.02.2009
2008 Nobel Prize Lectures: Nambu, Kobayashi, Maskawa (10.12.08)
-The Nobel Prize in Physics 2008
Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, Toshihide Maskawa
"We are all the children of broken symmetry"
CERN Courrier, volume 48, nr 5 October 2008, LHCb: A beauty of an experiment and A question of asymmetry
- Final LHC Synchronisation Test a Success (25.08.2008)
- ...the LHC's first discoveries might come from an unexpected quarter: the LHCb experiment - This article, by Tim Gershon, first appeared in Physics World, June 2008.
-LHCb measures its first cosmic-ray muons... CERNCourrier, Vol. 48, nr 5, June 2008
-…while LHCb gets data collection on track, CERN Courrier, Vol.48, Number 3, April 2008
-Le CERN a fait le plein de visiteurs au-delà des prévisions, La Tribune de Geneve, 07.04.2008
-Plongee dans les entrailles du CERN, Le Temps, 26.3.2008
LHCb installs its fragile precision silicon detector

(CERN Courrier , vol. 47, Issue 10, December 2007
-Press Cuttings, week 48 (3 articles on LHCb)
LHCb  on TV, 13.11.2007
-Press Cuttings, week 46 (dedicated to VELO)
-LHCb installs its precision silicon detector, the VELO CERN press release, 12.11.2007
-Understanding flavour is the key to new physics
(CERN Courrier, Vol. 47, Number 7, September 2007)
-LHCb prepares for a RICH harvest of rare beauty
(CERN Courrier, Vol. 47, Number 6, July/August 2007)
-Beauty and B mesons at LHCb detector,  Fermilab Today, July 5, 2007, by J. Bryan Lowder
-El universo más pequeño online article by Alicia Riveira for  El Pais, 21.06.2007
-Inside the Big-Bang Machine, blog entry posted by Alan Boyle for MSNBC.com., 20.06.2007
-La fábrica de big bangs" online article by Josep Corbella from La Vanguardia. (4.6.07)
-Today New York Times Issue, article by D. Overbye (15.5.2007)
-Le Temps.ch(Computing Gallery, issued on 09.05.2007, LT.ch/Olivier Dessibourg )
"Die Jaeger der Ganz Grossen Raetsel" GEO, German Issue May 2007, only paper issue
-"Beautiful Asymetry" by Roger Forty in Physicsworld, vol. 19 nr 10, October 2006

The Collaboration

- March 30, 2010: First Collisions at 3.5 Tev (photos Nathalie Grub, Rolf Lindner)
- Nov. 20, 20:38 beam 1 has completed 2 turns;
- Nov. 20, 23:53 beam 2 completed few turns (photos Nathalie Grub Rolf Lindner)
- Nov. 21, 21:00 first proton beam gas interactions
- Nov. 23, 18:00 first proton-proton collisions (photos Kazu Akiba Rolf Lindner)
- Dec 6, 7:19 protons are colliding again at LHCb
- Dec 14, 4:00 1.2 TeV proton beams are colliding at LHCb
- Dec. 16, 18:00 end of 2009 LHC operation; restart: Febuary 14th
- enjoy LHC news video
- Andrei Golutvin et al., December 18 presentations
- Olivier Callot et al., November 26 presentations
- LHCb November 23 pp collision video youTube, CDS
- First (two) rings produced by Cherenkov light emitted by cosmic particles in the two radiators of RICH1 have been observed (4.9.2009)
-37 teachers from all over the world are visiting LHCb (30.6.2009)
pictured here in front of DELPHI

over the next few weeks they will help us work on outreach material
-Very successful TED run on June 6-7, 2009:
see video on YouTube or CERN CDS
Saturday 3, 5, Sunday 8, 16 Vertex Locator VELO tracks, see event movie, and Silicon Tracker IT tracks 1 1f triggered by calorimeters pdf ppt,
see CERN Bulletin
- LHCb History  (as presented at the 2008 Xmas Drink)
- Uncommon workers in LHCb on 21.10.2008
-LHCb Industry Awards on 21.10.2008
LHC Inauguration on 21.10.2008
LHCb Virtual Tour  (QuickTime needed) (12.9.2008)
September 10th - First beam day

Events seen in LHCb : TED Dump RICHMuons;  Beam1: RICH2 , beam gas int.,
splash of particles, OT tracks originating close to beam pipe, beam lost?
Special Issue of the Bulletin - Press Release - Pictures (credits Rolf , Nath, Mathias, Paul and Philip)
First tracks produced by the LHC beam during synchronization test, a success. (August 2008)
First tracks produced by the LHC beam during synchronization test have been seen in the VELO detector on   Friday late afternoon on August 22nd triggered by the Calorimeter detector SPD saturated by tracks. This was made possible by the perfect monitoring of the LHC beam and very effective communication with the machine.
This is a great success of the whole LHCb Collaboration. Congratulations!
, 25.8.2008
"Vertical cosmics" with the SPD, comments, July 28, 2008
- The LHCb Virtual World, April 2008
-LHCb layout (outreach for general public), 1.2.08

-Video films on Matter-Antimatter and B physics (general public), 21.1.2008
-VELO-Successful installation, this week (week 44)
-VIP at LHCb (10.8.2007, by CERN photographers)
-Pictures of the LHCb shielding wall under construction (Aug.07)
-More recent pictures (29.8.2007)
-Pictures of the LHCb shielding wall under construction (June 07)
-LHCb Beam Pipe Commissioned (June 2007)
-The whole LHCb vacuum chamber is installed and is leak tight  (31.3.2007)
-9 February 2007: The biggest Beryllium cone of the beam pipe has been installed
-Beam pipe inserted on February 2007
-Andre Lagarrigue Prize for Jacques Lefrancois
-View of the Cavern (December 2006)
-Another important milestone has been achieved on 24th August (VELO, August 06)
-The Velo vaccum tank was put on its final position on May 19, 2006
-The Outer Tracker bridge installation has been completed beginning of June 2006Cavern
Rich transport story


Just before we take real data: summer entertainment (August 2008)

LHCb Open Days (April 5,6 2008)
CERN Credits





[...] rings for LHCb - CERN Courrier, vol.49, nr 9, November 2009

The latest from LHCb - CERN Bulletin, 41-42, October 2009

3.5 TeV : a good start !
CERN Bulletin, 37-38, September 2009

Refinements for the restart
(weekly bulletin 32-34/2009)

Cosmic success at LHCb,
(weekly bulletin 18-19/2008)

A symphony of data at LHCb
(weekly bulletin 10-11/2008)

Green light for the Velo,
(CERN weekly bulletin 47, November 19, 2007)

LHCb celebrates completion of its beam pipe,
(weekly bulletin 29, July 16, 2007)

Where the b's are  
(CERN bulletin No 14/2007, 2.4.2007)

-A false explosion for a real intervention at the LHCb Pit
(CERN bulletin, Nr 43/2006, October 23, 2006)

LHCb installs bridge and beampipe section
CERN courrier, Vol.46, Number 8, October 2006

LHCb connects its pipes
CERN weekly bulletin 37/2006 (11.9.2006)

LHCb on track
CERN weekly bulletin 33/2006

LHCb: on road and under surveillance
CERN weekly bulletin 48/2005

Mirror, mirror on the wall
[CERN weekly bulletin 30/2005

Discovery Mondays - The detectors: tracking particles
CERN weekly bulletin 09/2005

Precious pipes for the LHC
CERN weekly bulletin 05/2005

Golden Jubilee Photos: Four giants break new ground
[CERN weekly bulletin 50/2004

LHCb collaboration celebrates magnet's success
CERN weekly bulletin 50/2004

The LHCb magnet is taking shape
CERN weekly bulletin 18/2004 

LHCb tops off the wall
CERN weekly bulletin 24/2005

Pancake day comes early for LHCb
 CERN weekly bulletin 05/2003

LHCb takes up the Data Challenge
CERN weekly bulletin 21/2003

LHCb Calorimeter modules arrive at CERN
 CERN weekly bulletin 44/2002 

LHCb - measuring beauty
CERN weekly bulletin 36/2001