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reminder physics task force meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/7/00
LHCb week preliminary programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/12/00
no physics meeting today (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/15/00
plenary programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)   2/16/00
names for plenary programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/16/00
Tracking + Particle ID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/16/00
physics/tracking/PID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/18/00
data available for testing SICBDST (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/21/00
New LHCb Internal Trigger Note, 2000-010 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/1/00
Software Training (Entire LHCb collaboration)   3/3/00
Seminar on BABAR achievements (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/7/00
Last LHCb Week - Plenary Transparencies (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/8/00
LHCC referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)   3/10/00
new RAWH data available from SICBMC v 231 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/10/00
physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   3/13/00
New LHCb Muon Internal Note, 2000-003 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/14/00
data available for testing sicbdst v 231 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/15/00
LHCb notes - reference number (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/21/00
Training on radiation effects on electronics systems... (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/24/00
Preliminary agenda for 4th LHCb Software Week   Apr 5-7 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/30/00
Message for all speakers at Software Workshop (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/4/00
LHCb Front-end - DAQ - Controls workshop at CERN May 16 - 19 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/6/00
physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   4/10/00
keep up with my reputation (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/10/00
LHCb CP Violation Competition (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/12/00
Recycling tapes (Entire LHCb collaboration)   4/13/00
B conference in 2001 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/14/00
Resource Review Board (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/17/00
Summary of the 24th February 2000 CB meeting   (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/18/00
LHCC status report (Entire LHCb collaboration)   4/25/00
Published contributions (LHC physics workshop)   4/27/00
Status report (Entire LHCb collaboration)   4/28/00
LHCC open session programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/4/00
Front-end - DAQ - Controls workshop at CERN, May 16 - 19 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/4/00
LHCb week in May - Preliminary Programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/4/00
It's not too late! (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/5/00
physics task force meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/8/00
physics task force meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/8/00
CERN Relay May 24 1220 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/8/00
May LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/10/00
FE - DAQ - ECS workshop agenda on the web (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/10/00
Tracking + Particle-ID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/11/00
LHCC status report draft transparencies (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/13/00
There's still time... (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/15/00
Computing Meeting - Preliminary Agenda (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/16/00
IMPORTANT (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/18/00
Status report (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/18/00
reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/18/00
Task Force meeting agenda (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/18/00
Reminder - LHCb Barbecue on May 25, 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/19/00
Summary of the meeting with referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/19/00
FW: [Fwd: text for CSC] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/23/00
Next LHCb week, September 2000 in Milano (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/26/00
Next LHCb week in Milano, September 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/29/00
Monday to Friday: September LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/2/00
publication policy (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/2/00
physics task force meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/2/00
Reminder: physics meeting June 6, 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/6/00
Contribution to conference, Pisa meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/8/00
physics task force: distribution list, minutes, ... (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/9/00
absent (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/10/00
Accomodation in Milano - Next LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/13/00
Trains for Milano and back - Next LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/13/00
Trains for Milano and back - Next LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/15/00
Next LHCb week in Milano - information (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/15/00
physics task force meeting, June 20, 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/16/00
Agenda for 5th LHCb Software Week - July 5-7 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/23/00
5th Software Week - new URL for the agenda (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/23/00
[Fwd: Virus Alert- Do not open mail from Seog Oh <seog@phy.duke.edu>] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/27/00
LHCb Software Week - Final agenda, Note to speakers (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/4/00
next physics task force meeting + rehearsal   (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/6/00
Electronics huts and DELPHI Barrel (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/7/00
Reminder: next physics task force meeting + rehearsal (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/10/00
Summary of 25th May 2000 LHCb Collaboration Board meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/11/00
next physics task force meetings (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/18/00
Physics meeting on generators, BPACK, ... Aug 22, 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/2/00
Job Opportunity (Entire LHCb collaboration)   8/2/00
[Fwd: Visiting Research positions at CPPM Marseille - ERRATUM] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/2/00
Draft of Calorimeter TDR (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/2/00
2 new LHCb internal muon notes (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/11/00
migration of LHCb email to CERN listbox service (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/14/00
physics task force meeting Aug 15, 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/14/00
Draft of RICH TDR (Entire LHCb collaboration)   8/15/00

Summary of the 2nd December 1999 CB meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  2/2/00

message from the refrees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/28/00

physics meeting  special day (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/27/00

Summary: meeting with referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/26/00

Re : Inaugural lesson of Prof. T. Nakada, 3rd (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/24/00

Inaugural lesson of Prof. T. Nakada (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/24/00

Physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   1/14/00

PC in building 2 (Entire LHCb collaboration)   1/14/00

Server NT ALEPH/LHCb down (Entire LHCb collaboration)  1/13/00

LHCb week 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)   1/11/00

LHCb week 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)   1/11/00

Magnet TDR (Entire LHCb collaboration)   1/6/00

Magnet TDR (Entire LHCb collaboration)   12/17/99

stager back in production (Entire LHCb collaboration)  12/14/99

stager and LHCb data (Entire LHCb collaboration)  12/14/99

Dates of Software weeks in 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  12/13/99

Batch machine and Linux (Entire LHCb collaboration)  12/9/99

Warning ! TECHNICAL BOARD MEETING ROOM HAS CHANGED (Entire LHCb collaboration)  12/1/99

Preliminary agenda for Computing Meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/26/99

Message to Software Week speakers (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/23/99

Particle ID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/22/99

physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   11/19/99

LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)   11/18/99

Reminder: physics meeting Nov 16 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/15/99

LHCb Software Week Nov 24-26 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/15/99

Physics meeting Nov 16 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/12/99

Course on "Building physics software using OO techniques and packages" (Entire LHCb collaboration)   11/11/99

Lectureship at Cambridge (Entire LHCb collaboration)  11/9/99

Physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   10/30/99

Summary Collaboration Board meetings 16-17/9/99 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/26/99

New EXPT public note, 99-036 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/25/99

Presentations at Front-end - DAQ - DCS workshop now available on the web (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/25/99

LHCb Plenary Copies  (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/21/99

Summary: meeting with refrees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/21/99

no physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   10/18/99

LHCB package distribution (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/18/99

image processing  10/17/99 9:11:18 AM

reminder physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/5/99

physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   10/4/99

Front-end - DAQ - DCS workshop October 12 - 14. Agenda now on the web (Entire LHCb collaboration)  10/4/99

LHCb week 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/28/99

LHCb Front-end and DAQ workshop date: October 12-14 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/27/99

StarOffice  (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/23/99

CERN staff vacancy in LHCb (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/22/99

LHCb Front-end and DAQ workshop: CHANGE OF DATE ?. (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/17/99

Agenda of the Computing Meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/13/99

[Fwd: 3rd LHC Computing Workshop - Last Call for Registration] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/10/99

LHCb week in 2000 (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/7/99

no physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/7/99

[Fwd: C++ for particle physicists] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/5/99

shiftlhcb machine (addendum) (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/3/99

shiftlhcb machine (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/3/99

tentative programme for the physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/3/99

plenary session (Entire LHCb collaboration)   9/3/99

Tracking + Particle-ID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/1/99

Preliminary agenda for NIKHEF Computing Meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  9/1/99

LHCb week in Amsterdam - Web page updated (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/27/99

For people presently at CERN (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/18/99

[Fwd: [Fwd: C++ for Particle Physicists]] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/10/99

Open positions in the LHCb Collaboration (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/9/99

Permanent LHCb Joint Position with RAL/University of Glasgow. (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/9/99

Attestation de fonction - Extention, 2nd message (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/9/99

Research Position in Cambridge (correction) (Entire LHCb collaboration)  8/5/99

[Fwd: Request for Distribution] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/22/99

time (Entire LHCb collaboration)   7/22/99

physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   7/22/99

[Fwd: 3rd LHC Workshop - Preliminary programme of the EF session] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/16/99

[Fwd: CHEP 2000: Bulletin n. 1] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/14/99

article bulletin (Entire LHCb collaboration)   7/14/99

reminder, physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/13/99

W. Rucktuhl's funeral (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/12/99
sad news (Entire LHCb collaboration)   7/9/99
Summary of the meeting with referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/9/99
Summary of 11th June 1999 LHCb Collaboration Board Meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/8/99
Next LHCb week at Nikhef, September 99 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/8/99
physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   7/6/99
LHCb week Amsterdam (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/5/99
Amsterdam LHCb week (Entire LHCb collaboration)  7/5/99
physics meeting reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/29/99
reminder rehearsal (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/24/99
EP Technical Forum (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/22/99
Rehearsal for Paul Colrain (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/21/99
next physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/21/99
[Fwd: C++ for particle physicists] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/18/99
Acceptable use of colour slides printer (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/17/99
LHCb note (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/15/99
reminder  (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/15/99
[Fwd: 3rd LCB Workshop : Call for Contributions] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/11/99
sorry once again (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/9/99
rehearsal (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/9/99
LHCb barbecue on Thursday June 10, 1999 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/8/99
Background Group meeting CANCELLED (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/8/99
New LHCb Internal Trigger Note : 99-015 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/4/99
Please check YOUR entry on the lists for the Speakers Bureau. (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/4/99
Second JCOP Workshop, September 6-8, 1999 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/4/99
[Fwd: Second JCOP Workshop, September 6-8, 1999] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/4/99
access to memo's (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/4/99
3 new Trigger Internal notes (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/4/99
Book-keeping project (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/3/99
small correction (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/2/99
Programme for Physics meeting (LHCb week) (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/2/99
[Fwd: Events in BELLE] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/2/99
Message to Software Week speakers (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/1/99
LHCb BBQ (Entire LHCb collaboration)   6/1/99
reminder physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  6/1/99
Physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/31/99
Tracking and Particle ID meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/29/99
summary of the meeting with referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/29/99
Physics meeting: reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/29/99
[Fwd: BABAR has seen its first colliding beam events] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/29/99
Revised agenda for LHCb Software week June 2-4 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/26/99
Preliminary LHCb week programme (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/26/99
LHCb note (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/18/99
Proposal for an LHCb batch facility at CERN (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/18/99
null (Entire LHCb collaboration)   5/12/99
Regular physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/12/99
Reminder, Speical physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/12/99
[Fwd: 3rd LHC Computing Workshop : Call for Registration] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/11/99
Memo from DG: offical approval (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/10/99
2nd LHCb Software Week - preliminary agenda (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/7/99
next physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/4/99
Reminder physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/3/99
[Fwd: First announcement of the 3rd LHC Computing Workshop] (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/3/99
special physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  5/3/99
CERN Relay  19th May  (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/28/99
OO A&D course..details on registration (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/27/99
Another OO Analysis and Design course (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/27/99
physics meeting remindeer (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/20/99
chage of time (physics meeting) (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/19/99
Regular physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/16/99
reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration)   4/13/99
special physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/7/99
reminder physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)  4/6/99
physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration)   3/31/99
conference talks (Entire LHCb collaboration)   3/30/99
ALEPH/LHCb NT server down on Thursday 1st April 1999 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/30/99
Summary for the meeting with referees (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/30/99
Physics meeting reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration) lhcb 3/22/99
LHCb OO training course (Entire LHCb collaboration) lhcb 3/22/99
Physics meeting reminder (Entire LHCb collaboration) lhcb 3/22/99
New LHCb tracking note 98-069 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/18/99
LHCb Software Weeks in 1999 (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/18/99
data samples with new magnetic field map (Entire LHCb collaboration)  3/17/99
next physics meeting (Entire LHCb collaboration) lhcb 3/12/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  physics meeting reminder  3/9/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Summary     Collaboration Board meeting 19/2/99  3/7/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  physics     meeting  3/5/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  LHCb Plenary     transparencies lhcb 3/2/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Stager : new     machine  3/1/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  [Fwd: Seminar     by Franco Bedeschi at Uni Geneva]  3/1/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  LHCb Software     Weeks in 1999  2/23/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  New LHCb     trigger note : 99-003  2/23/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Spokesperson     election  2/12/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Tracking +     PID agenda  2/11/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  publiucation     policy  2/11/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  preliminary     plenary programme  2/8/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  New LHCb     trigger note, 99-002  2/8/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  no physics     meeting  2/8/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  [Fwd:     nijmegen99]  2/5/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  [Fwd:     nijmegen99]  2/5/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  New LHCb     notes available  2/3/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Programme for     LHCb Software Week Feb8-12 lhcb 2/1/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  INSTR99 (fwd)       2/1/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Summary of     20/1/99 Collaboration Board meeting  1/28/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  [Fwd: Next     C++ for particle physicists session]  1/27/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Particle-ID     working group  1/25/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  absence     lhcb 1/25/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  meeting with     referees lhcb 1/25/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  February LHCb     week programme  1/22/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  physics     meeting  1/22/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  web     discussion lhcb 1/19/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  ITEP Winter     School '99    (fwd) lhcb 1/13/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  physics     meeting  1/7/99
Entire LHCb collaboration:  B decays     meeting/work  12/13/98
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Agenda for     data handling meeting lhcb 11/27/98
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Physics     meeting, call for your contribution  11/26/98
LHCb 1998 drink  11/23/98
Background meeting  11/20/98
Entire LHCb collaboration:  Plenary programme  11/17/98
Next LHCb week: Tentative programme   11/16/98
LHCC physics workshop   11/12/98
Postion in HERA-B  11/12/98
info. meeting with referees lhcb 10/26/98
Physics meeting  10/12/98
LHCb Training Course in OO Programming   10/8/98
Extract of the Research Board minutes   10/8/98
They are for 1999  9/30/98
1999 LHCb small modification lhcb 9/29/98
Physics meeting  9/25/98
more details lhcb 9/21/98
end fo week drink  9/18/98
approval  9/17/98
rain is no problem lhcb 9/15/98
Agenda for Data Handling Meeting lhcb 9/11/98
Reminder rehearsal lhcb 9/9/98
Data Handling Meeting - Sept 15th lhcb 9/7/98
LHCb Home Page eric.van.herwijnen@cern.ch 9/7/98 10:14:13 AM lhcb
Entire LCHb coll.:reharsal, 2nd lhcb 9/7/98
reharsal lhcb 9/7/98
LHC workshop; draft proposal lhcb 9/7/98
Information from referee lhcb 9/7/98
Interim Memorandum of Understanding   9/4/98
The standard Model workshop   9/3/98
receommendation for LHCb   9/2/98
reminder physics meeting   9/1/98
LHCC  9/1/98
physics meeting lhcb 8/31/98
BBQ  8/26/98
Preliminary programme for the September LHCb week  8/24/98
New LHCb ECAL note : 98-054   8/24/98
Project Associate position at CERN   8/24/98
New LHCb Physics Note : 98-055 lhcb 8/11/98
my absence from CERN 6-23 August lhcb 8/5/98
reminder physics meeting lhcb 8/3/98
my absence from CERN 7/27/98 10:49:23 AM lhcb
usual date correction 7/27/98 10:48:54 AM lhcb
Physics meeting 7/27/98 10:48:20 AM lhcb
corrction for the LHCb week 7/27/98 10:30:37 AM
LHCC recomendation 7/27/98 10:23:32 AM lhcb
reminder 7/6/98 8:51:49 AM
Change in starting time 16:00 7/6/98 8:51:09 AM
rehearsal 6/30/98 8:26:02 AM
physics meeting cancelled 6/23/98 8:19:13 AM
Agenda for Computing/Simulation Meeting john.harvey@cern.ch 6/9/98
Reminder; physics meeting 6/9/98
Physics meeting 6/4/98
Room 156/R-019 6/3/98
Final programme for the June LHCb week 5/29/98
Another correction 5/28/98
Coll. meeting update 5/28/98
LHCb drink 5/25/98
Final draft for the LHCb week programme 5/25/98
IHEP 5/25/98
Physics meeting 5/25/98
program of weekly LHCb meetings can now be found on the Web nac@mail.cern.ch 5/19/98
Room for Physics meeting 5/12/98
Physics meeting 5/11/98
Information from referees 5/11/98
Controls Workshop Bulletin Number 2. 5/7/98
Meeting with referees 5/6/98
Answer:tracking-1 5/1/98
Muon answeres 5/1/98
Calorimeter draft answeres 5/1/98
Draft answer to the LHCC referees (Trigger/DAQ/Computing) 5/1/98
Proposed answeres to physics related issues 4/29/98
Reminder 4/27/98
Questions from referee (3) 4/27/98
Higgs meeting moved Thursday 30/4/98 at 15:00 m.koratzinos@cern.ch 4/27/98
Reminder physics meeting 4/24/98
Submission papers LEB98 workshop (fwd) 4/23/98
LHCB Trigger Meeting (fwd) 4/23/98
if anybody interested? 4/22/98
Referees' questions (2) 4/21/98
Referees question No.1 4/17/98
New LHCb Home Page eric.van.herwijnen@cern.ch 4/3/98
April fools day tatsuya.nakada@psi.ch 4/1/98
Referees questions tatsuya.nakada@psi.ch 4/1/98
LHC Experiments Joint Controls Project Workshop 3/31/98
my absence 3/20/98
LHCb drink 3/11/98
correction for Bs->mu mu 3/11/98
transparencies for the TP presentation 3/10/98
Programme for the LHCb plenary session 3/10/98
reminder ski-outing 3/5/98
First impression 3/5/98
ski outing 3/4/98
TP printed 3/4/98
LHCb ski outing 3/3/98
TP process completed 3/3/98
rehearsal part-II 3/2/98
LHCb mini week 2/26/98
QCD Summer school 2/26/98
rehearsal 2/25/98
Coordination of test beams hans.jurgen.hilke@cern.ch 2/24/98
ps file for the TP 2/24/98
Physics task force meeting 2/24/98
special discussion meeting with theoretician 2/19/98
reminder Physics meeting 2/16/98
Important !!! 2/10/98
comments on TP 2/10/98
paper copies 2/4/98
Complete draft ready 2/4/98
[Fwd: C++ for particle physicists] 2/2/98
remaining detector part 1/27/98
Tracking draft 1/22/98
comments 1/21/98
Muon system draft 1/21/98
Second release 1/20/98
reminder physics meeting 1/19/98
News-like interface to the LHCb mailing lists 1/19/98
Next physics meeting 19 January 1/14/98
LHC Computing Workshop - Barcelona John.Harvey@cern.ch 1/12/98
PDG news 1/9/98
Note LHC-B97-014 - 2nd version nac@mail.cern.ch 1/8/98
reminder: LHCB plenary meeting 1/8/98
summary of physics meeting 1/6/98
Minim LHCB week reminder 1/6/98
reminder Physics meeting today 1/5/98
Physics meeting Monday 5.1 1/5/98
A new version of the Muon Detector section of the TP 1/5/98
TP draft first release 12/20/97
Third (and final hopefully) correction to TP rate 12/18/97
correction to my suggested TP number 12/17/97
TP nominal interaction rate etc. 12/17/97
Reminder for the LHCB drink today(16.12) 12/16/97
physics meeting summary 12/16/97
Physics meeting 15.12 12/15/97
January Mini LHCB week 12/12/97
dates for the next TP physics meeting 12/10/97
thoughts on the trigger efficiencies 12/10/97
Alex's logo 12/9/97
LHCB note guidelines 12/9/97
end of the year drink 12/8/97
luminosity 12/5/97
Logo final winner 12/5/97
power cuts on Meyrin site Friday 5 and Sunday 7 Jean-Pierre.Droulez@cern.ch 12/5/97
Logo final vote 12/4/97
reminder: end of the year coffee and cake Tatsuya Nakada 12/3/97
Logos selected for the final round Tatsuya Nakada 12/3/97
updated programme for physics meeting Tatsuya Nakada 12/2/97
lhcb logo reminder Tatsuya.Nakada@cern.ch 12/2/97
Physics meeting programme Tatsuya Nakada 11/30/97
background WG meeting Georg.von.Holtey@cern.ch 11/27/97
final programme for the front-end electronics Jorgen.Christiansen@cern.ch 11/27/97
Logo's Tatsuya Nakada 11/26/97
front-end electronics meeting programmeJorgen.Christiansen@cern.ch 11/26/97
Detector Seminar amazzari@mail.cern.ch 11/26/97
moving LHC-B PCs jean-pierre.droulez@cern.ch 11/24/97
Name of the experiment Tatsuya Nakada 11/22/97
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Final programme(with some modification) for 3-4.11 tatsuya.nakada@psi.ch 11/3/97
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Important: Presentation tomorrow on ROOT by Rene Brun John.Harvey@cern.ch 05/26/97
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