CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics


If you plan to work at CERN, registration is completed in 2 steps:

If you plan to work from your institute:

You can register as an external member and thus obtain computing accounts to start working for the LHCb Experiment. However, when you arrive at CERN, it is mandatory to proceed to a regular registration (see first part).

Send by email or fax (+41 22 767 94 25) the following documents to LHCb Secretariat:

  1. The LHCb registration form (second part signed by your team leader)
  2. Copy of an ID document

New Members

New members are welcomed to the collaboration, and are asked to note the rules that are summarised in this letter from the Spokesperson.

The LHCb collaboration seen in the cavern

The LHCb Collaboration - 2008

Access authorization to the experimental site

Procedure to follow to work at the pit

For more information

Please contact the LHCb Secretariat or consult the following links: