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Dosimeters Reading

As you know, the reading should occur once a month. When you leave CERN for a longer period than a month, you have to return your dosimeter to the Dosimetry Service - once you come back to CERN you can go and pick up your dosimeter at the dosimetry service for the time you need it, as long as your RP course and medical certificate are valid.

In order to facilitate the attribution of a dosimeter while coming back at Cern, please send an email to the dosimetry service, copy to the secretariat, few days before coming as they can prepare it. In case you are coming during the week-end, a colleague or the secretariat can collect it days before.

The LHCb Secretariat also offers you the same service.This applies to the persons not "based" at CERN or persons away from CERN when the dosimeter should be read.

We propose to read your dosimeter every first Thursday of each month under the condition you make it available for us in due time, i.e. before the Thursday.

The Secretariat will not collect the dosimeters. It is up to you to leave your dosimeter at the appropriate place we have organised for you in the corridor of bldg 2 (1st floor). Slightly opposite to the LHCb Secretariat, on the left, you will find a cupboard, recognisable with a small LHCb detector sticker.

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