LHCb Technical Board 28/07/2000



  1. Calorimeter TDR, status and schedule
  2. RICH TDR, status and schedule
  3. DELPHI counting rooms and Barrel Detector in the LHCb cavern


Participants: J. Christiansen, W. Flegel, R. Forty, H.J. Hilke, B. Jost (for J. Harvey),

D. Lacarrere, J. Lefrançois, R. Lindner, T. Nakada, T. Ruf, B. Schmidt, A.Schopper,

I. Videau, D. Websdale


Excused: N. Harnew, J. Harvey, B.Koene, U. Straumann



    J. Lefrançois presented a report on the status of the Calorimeter TDR starting with the schedule for its preparation:

    29 May: all draft notes as listed below to be available

    5 June: deadline for comments to all notes

    12 June: final version of all notes available

    18 July: draft version 1 of TDR distributed to calo group

    25 July: deadline for comments on TDR draft by calo group

    26 July: draft version 2 of TDR distributed to TB members

    28 July: draft version 2 of TDR available to LHCb collaboration

    14 August: deadline for comments on TDR draft by collaboration

    23 August: draft version 3 of TDR distributed to TB members

    28 August: TDR to be approved by TB

    7 September: TDR handed in to LHCC secretariat

    4/5 October: Presentation of TDR to LHCC

    He then summarized and discussed the status of items still in preparation or requiring further iteration. The management is to communicate an author list by mid-August; those authors participating in the project should be given particular attention. The detail required for the table summarizing responsibilities and cost was agreed. The cost issues particular to the Calorimeter will be finalized in a special meeting with the LHCb management. A. Schopper continued with information on the very detailed planning. The TB agreed that only a short summary schedule should be included in the TDR. The meaning of the detailed schedule and a separate list of major milestones was clarified and approved.

    The TB then commented on a few desirable additions (summary of specifications and parameters, milestones a.o.) and modifications. It was agreed that additional comments should be sent by e-mail or on paper as soon as possible but at latest by August 14th.


    D. Websdale presented the status of the RICH TDR schedule, starting also with the preparation schedule (rev. July 17th):

      February 22, 2000 Outline contents of TDR

      May 12 List of support documents and names of responsible

      June 23 Drafts for ALL support documents ready

      July 23 First complete draft (RICH group and TB for comments)

      July 28 Technical Board meeting to discuss draft TDR

      July 31 Deadline for completion of support documents

      August 14 Second draft: Release to LHCb Collaboration

      August 23 Final Draft

      August 28 Second Technical Board meeting to discuss TDR

      September 6 Submission of final document to LHCC

      October 4 Presentation to LHCC

      He continued with discussions on chapters still being worked on. The TB proceeded with a discussion on desirable additions, modifications and re-arrangements. It was stressed and agreed that the early submission was important mainly due to the tight production schedule for the HPDs.


      H. J. Hilke introduced the subject by summarizing the LHCb requirements for space in the counting rooms, the merit for LHCb and CERN of keeping the DELPHI Barrel detector and possible interference with LHCb installation and operation; see copy of transparencies annexed. He concluded that interference would be minimal and proposed to keep only the largest counting room D(in his mind providing almost 100% of reserve for later additions, when compared with the present requests as compiled by J.Christiansen) and the Barrel detector. (see transparencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )

      Followed an extensive discussion on worries expressed by some of the TB members, resulting in a demand for keeping in addition counting room A, in order to have a larger reserve. The main arguments were the desirability of more pleasant working conditions than for DELPHI during the commissioning phase and possible upgrades, admittedly not coinciding in time.

      The TB finally agreed to support keeping counting room D and the Barrel detector and to leave it to the LHCb management to conclude on the possibility and desirability of keeping in addition counting room A . The LHCb management would then communicate its proposal to the CB within a few days, the CERN Management requiring a decision rapidly to finalize the contract for dismantling/scrapping DELPHI material by August 15th .


Rolf Lindner (3/8/2000)