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Please visit the list of available talks for the latest overview.
This list may be updated without immediate advertisement by email, so it is the most up-to-date resource. If there is a non-zero number of applicants indicated, please don't be put off as this may include ineligible applicants (e.g. due to multiple applications). In addition, available talks are frequently advertised by email to the lhcb-general mailing list.

If you are interested in one (or several) of the advertised talks, please apply via the online form, which is linked for each talk on the page mentioned above and in the email sent to lhcb-general. Please do so by the deadline indicated in the email announcing the talk. Your application may contain a few words explaining why you apply for the given talk as indicated on the form. This is not mandatory but welcome.  

You can review the status of your applications at any time at

Further guidelines:

Everyone in the Collaboration can apply for an advertised talk as described above.

1) before sending the application, the candidate should obtain the agreement of his/her group leader. Only applications with support from the relevant group leader or supervisor will be considered.

2) it can help to support the application with a short justification as indicated on the web form. The justification can for example specify the involvement in related analyses, contributions to operational shifts, to the detector operation or other service work. The form also allows to enter any additional information that should be considered, e.g. the need for a talk to support ongoing job or grant applications.

3) the application does not guarantee to obtain the talk. Talks are assigned by the Speakers' Bureau taking into account the applications, but also other criteria such as lists of possible candidates sent by the Group Leaders, Project Leaders and Physics Working Group Convenors. No explanation will be given to the not selected candidates, but we guarantee that all applications will be carefully considered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the SB chair.