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The International Advisory Committee for the series of conferences on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure established a prize in memory of our beloved colleague Simon Eidelman (1948-2021).
Simon was a very important member of the hadron physics community. He encouraged and supported young researchers and his scientific contributions to the field were numerous and will have a lasting impact on future generations. Scientific obituaries were published in CERN Courier and EPJC.

The 2023 LHCb Simon Eidelman prize was awarded on June 08th 2023 at CERN. The committee was chaired by Tim Gershon.

- Ivan Polyakov (CERN)
For outstanding contributions to hadron spectroscopy, both in data analysis and development of instrumentation, in particular the discovery and detailed study of the first doubly charmed tetraquark T cc+, which opens a new window on exotic hadron studies.