CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics

People to contact for safety in LHCb and TSO/Deputy TSO

Eric Thomas
74453 or 162029
LEXGLIMOS and FGSO Loic Brarda
72675 or 164473
TSO B1 and B2
Bernard Chadaj
71465 or 77355 or 160930
Deputy LEXGLIMOS Cedric Fournier
73803 or 165140
TSO SX8 (B2885), SZ8 (B2895)
B3893, B3894
PZ85 (B2830), PX84 (B2822)
Gloria Corti
72376 or 77854 or 162112
RSO Laurent Roy
70097 or 79278 or 162989
TSO UX85 (B2828)
    Bernard Chadaj
71465 or 77355 or 160930
TSO SCX8 (B3862)

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