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26 July 2022

Due to Run3 operation underground public visits can not be organised.
Only surface visits are authorised and the visits can only be requested by LHCb members.
Professional visits* may be authorised, depending on ongoing work, when beam is not present,
e.g. during Technical Stop.

*(Visits can also be organised by the Protocol or Press Office services)


- Send an email to, precising date, time, total number of participants (visitors + guides).
- We will then be able to inform you if your visit can take place or not.
- An impact will be placed by the secretariat


Important information

- Professional visits must be approved by a Department Head or a Spokesperson.
- To avoid conflicts with any work taking place underground and elevator congestion visits should take place outside working hours, i.e. Mon-Fri 12h00-14h00 or after 18h00.
- Only two people can use the PZ lift at the same time due to Covid rules: in order for visitors not to be left unattended each visitor needs to be accompanied by 1 escort.
- Visits can take place in the designated visit area, i.e. Delphi and the LHCb visitors viewing platforms. Escorts will ensure to keep to the designated circuit.
- Only LHCb guides or people knowing well the cavern can act as escorts.

How to organise the visit
- Send an email to, precising date, time, total number of participants (visitors + escorts).
- A special IMPACT for Professional visits will be created by the LHCb secretariat.
- Visitors need to be listed in the IMPACT, for that they have to be registered at CERN, either with the specific status of Professional visitors (scan version of the ID card of passport should be provided) or as staff or users.
- Visitors need to go to Bldg. 55 (07h30-16h00), accompanied by the escort listed in the IMPACT, where their biometry identification will be integrated in a token valid for the duration of the visit.
- Visitors will go through the PZ access via their token and their biometry identification.
- The escort will get an operational dosimeter from the Traka cabinet outside the control room and activate it via the PC situated there - instructions are provided on the side of the PC.
- At the end of the visit, the escort will switch off the operational dosimeter and by doing so register it in the IMPACT.
Finally the visitor or the escort will return the visitor token to Bldg. 55.

Safety rules applying to all visits at Pit 8 without exception

Persons equipped with any of the following: pacemaker, defibrillator, electronic medicine dispenser, hearing aid, metal implant, are not authorised into the undeground area, unless the dipole magnet remains off during the visit.

Each visitor must :

  1. wear a safety helmet (available in SX85)

  2. be equipped with closed shoes (no high heels, sandals, closed sturdy shoes etc.)

  3. stay with the group and must not wander around by himself (herself)

  4. be able to climb stairways

  5. not climb metallic structures and not enter barracks

LHCb and Delphi Itineraries


For more information do not hesitate to contact the LHCb Secretariat 
(79278 or by email) / Official Press Brochures (E / F / G / I)