CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics

Before coming to CERN
Before coming to CERN you MUST complete the Covid E-learning course.
Please note that, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, USERs should also have explicit permission from their home institute hierarchy to resume work on the CERN sites

On your first day back to CERN
- Collect a disposable mask from the guard at the entrance. Masks should be worn in all indoor public areas (corridors, labs, halls etc,) and any offices when you are not alone
- Go to the small conference room on the first floor of building 2 (2/1-034) and pick up a supply of disposable masks, a wipe for cleaning surfaces and a bottle of gel (recommendation is to take sufficient masks for the next week, counting one mask per half day presence at CERN). Please write down on the sheet provided how much equipment you took and to cover what period

Office work places
You will find all information and instructions clicking on the link below:
CERN instructions on COVID-19-related health and safety measures: COVID-19 related instructions on office work places.

Please fill in the LHCb members wishing to resume work on the CERN site indico page.

Here is the checklist for the use of shared offices.

You should of course also follow the general Covid safety measures discussed in the Covid E-learning course

For people paid by CERN
EDH teleworking request
 . Teleworking requests should be for a maximum of two weeks, you should write “exceptional measure” in the comments field
 . If you are planning to work in your office on a regular schedule of full days, please enter that schedule in EDH
 . For occasional visits to CERN of less than half a day you may remain on telework
 . For occasional visits to CERN of half a day or longer you should NOT be on telework in EDH, please modify your request as necessary (you may have to cancel your existing request and issue a new one)