CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics
  • How new members will get information on computing account and password ?
    The secretariat will send an email to the new member with all information on computing account. The passwod should be requested by e-mail to service desk by the new member. He/she should enclosed a scanned version of a valid identity card or passport.
  • Does a member needing an account to work remotely in LHCb and coming only once at CERN for a couple of days meeting, should anyhow register as User?  Yes, this is the only way to grant him access to CERN sites.
  • I would like to register a new member in LHCb, but he/she already has a User contract with an other experiment.What should be done ?
    You should either ask to the member to close his/her actual contract and then you send us the LHCb registration form to enable us to register him/her as an external participant and next time he/she will come to CERN you can initiate the pre-registration (
    Or the new member can request for the modification of her User contract via EDH ( In addition, please send us the LHCb registration form, to enable us to register the new member in the LHCb database.
  • The computing account of a member has been suspended. what should I do ?
    You should contact the LHCb secretariat who will investigate and give you all instructions to reactivate the computing account.
  • A member is leaving the collaboration, what should I do ?
    You should inform the User's office and the LHCb secretariat with regards to administrative aspects.If the member is the owner of service accounts,websites, egroups etc..., he/she should transfer the ownership to his/her supervisor/sucessor. Any relevant data (Histogram, plot, Data, code,..) under your personal area which are used by the collaboration, should be moved to the dedicated application (i.e. for code gitlab, for shared folders EOS etc...).
  • The user contract of one of my member is expiring, what actions should I take ?
    If your member will not come back to CERN, but will continue to work remotely, please contact the LHCb secretariat. If your member will continue coming at CERN, please ask him/her to extend the user contract ( And if he/she is ending, please inform the User's office and the LHCb secretariat indicating the end date of contract and participation.