CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics


Decaying beauty spied for the first time by LHC, article by Kate McAlpine for, 1 May 2010

LHC steps closer to discoveries on antimatter, article by Tom Espiner for ZDNet UK, 22 April 2010

Inverview with Tara Shears, 30 March 2010

LHC First Physics: First collisions in the LHCb's experiment, 30 March 2010

Footage: The LHC's LHCb Experiment in preparation for the collisions at 3.5 Tev, 27 March 2010

LHC rap, Youtube

Not a moment to lose at the LHC, Symmetry Magazine, Sept 2009

Einstein, SF1 Broadcast, 26 Feb 2009

2008 Nobel Prize Lectures: Nambu, Kobayashi, Maskawa (10.12.2008)

Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, Toshihide Maskawa: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2008 and "We are all the children of broken symmetry"

Final LHC Synchronisation Test a Success (25.08.2008)

...the LHC's first discoveries might come from an unexpected quarter: the LHCb experiment - This article, by Tim Gershon, first appeared in Physics World, June 2008

Le CERN a fait le plein de visiteurs au-delà des prévisions, La Tribune de Geneve, 06.04.2008

Plongée dans les entrailles du CERN
, Le Temps, 26.03.2008 (link not available anymore)

Press Cuttings, week 48 (3 articles on LHCb) (link not available anymore)

LHCb  on TV, 13.11.2007 (link not available anymore)

Press Cuttings, week 46 (dedicated to VELO)

LHCb installs its precision silicon detector, the VELO, CERN press release, 12.11.2007

Beauty and B mesons at LHCb detector,  Fermilab Today, July 5, 2007, by J. Bryan Lowder

El universo más pequeño, online article by Alicia Riveira for  El Pais, 21.06.2007 (link not available anymore)

Inside the Big-Bang Machine, blog entry posted by Alan Boyle for, 20 June 2007

La fábrica de big bangs" online article by Josep Corbella from La Vanguardia (04.06.07) (link not available anymore)

A Giant Takes On Physics' Biggest Questions, Today New York Times Issue, article by D. Overbye (15 May 2007)

Visite du nouvel accélérateur de particules, dans les entrailles du CERN, Le (Computing Gallery, issued on 09.05.2007, Dessibourg)

"Die Jaeger der Ganz Grossen Raetsel" GEO, German Issue May 2007 (only paper issue)

"Beautiful Asymmetry" by Roger Forty in Physicsworld, vol. 19 nr 10, October 2006 (link not available anymore)