Boole - the LHCb digitization program

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This page last edited by MC on December 07, 2006.

This page is obsolete and no longer maintained.

The new address for the Boole documentation is:

Boole is the LHCb digitization program, based on the Gaudi framework. It reads in the output of the detector simulation (Gauss), adds hits from Spillover events and LHC background, and applies the detector response. The output is digitized data that mimics the real data coming from the real detector. Boole is developed within the context of the reconstruction project. Please refer to the project web pages for details of the project organization (meetings, mailing lists, contact persons etc.)

Reference documentation
Documentation relating to each release of Boole is obtained by following the links in the table below. Here you can access directly the documentation of the most recent release, and the complete set of release notes.

Supported platforms and compilers
Source code and binaries for supported platforms are available on disk (in AFS directory /afs/ - $LHCBRELEASES), and in the form of tar file distribution kits. The following platform+compiler combinations are supported:

  • Scientific Linux CERN 3 (SLC3) with gcc3.2.3 compiler
  • Scientific Linux CERN 3 (SLC4) with gcc3.4.* compiler
  • Windows with VC 7.1 compiler

Note that the binaries are built using sse2 extensions. They will not work on older machines that do not support the sse2 instruction set (e.g. Pentium III, AMD Sempron)

Available versions
Linux and Windows builds of the following versions are available on disk in $LHCBRELEASES. Versions marked as obsolete may be archived (removed from disk) at short notice, to make space for newer versions

Boole Version Release date  Notes
v12r9 10th November 2006 Current production version, built against Gaudi v18r10, LHCb v21r11 and Lbcom v5r8. Updates to this version must maintain full "physics quality" compatibility with other DC06 data.
v12r8 30th October 2006 Version identical to v12r7 but built against Gaudi v18r9, LHCb v21r10 and Lbcom v5r7. Obsolete, please move to v12r9
v12r7 24th October 2006 Version built against Gaudi v18r8, LHCb v21r9 and Lbcom v5r6. Obsolete, please move to v12r9
v12r6 3rd October 2006 Version for DC06 production since early October, built against Gaudi v18r7, LHCb v21r8 and Lbcom v5r5. Obsolete, please move to v12r9
v12r3 28th July 2006 Uses Gaudi v18r6, LHCb v21r3, Lbcom v5r3, XmlDDDB v30r8, XmlConditions v1r8, ParamFiles v4r3, FieldMap v4r7. Used by Vetra v2r3 (Velo test beam simulation)
v12r2 9th July 2006 Obsolete, please move to v12r9. Never used in production
v12r1 23rd June 2006 Version for DC06 production until early August, built against LHCb v21r1 and Lbcom v5r1. Obsolete, please move to v12r9
v10r3 20th December 2005 Latest RTTC compatible version. Based on v9r5 but using Gaudi v17r2 (Reflex persistency, ROOT5) and new L0Muon trigger implementation.
v6r5 30th June 2005 Latest DC04 compatible version, with Gaudi v15r6. To be used for DC04 compatible productions
Older versions   Documentation of older (obsolete) versions

Compatibility of Boole versions with other programs and geometries

The following future versions are planned. Additional features for possible future releases are listed here.

  • Releases in v12r* series to keep in step with LHCb releases, maintaining full compatibility with DC06 production versions
  • A new series v13r* breaking compatibility with DC06 can be started on request, but a first release in this series is currently not foreseen before October 2006.

Bug reporting and documentation