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Final (last update 12/12/2000)


Tuesday 16 May 2000   14:00      160-1-009

Front-End Electronics (Joergen Christiansen)

Radiation Environment   1h25'

Radiation level estimates

V. Talanov 20’

Location of electronics

Daniel Lacarrere 15'

Qualification of electronics

Jorgen Christiansen 20’


All 30'
Access to Electronics in Cavern and Detectors   40'

Access procedure, Access periods

Hans Jurgen Hilke (TBC) 20'

Discussion (Reliability/redundancy)

All 20'
16:00 Coffee 15'
Power supplies   1h

Standardization, location, radiation

Jorgen Christiansen 20’

Magnetic stray fields in cavern

Marcello Losasso 20’


All 20'
Grounding   40'

Vertex detector (grounding, copper links, etc.)

Raymond Frei 20’


All 20’

Wednesday 17 May 2000   09:00      104-RB-09

Front-End Electronics (Joergen Christiansen)

Front-End Error Conditions   50'

Overview (sources, propagation,rates, recovery)

Jorgen Christiansen 20’


All 30'
Resets   1h10'

Physics loss related to resets (correspndig note)

Hans Dijkstra 20’

Reset types, reset scenarios

Jorgen Christiansen 20’

Discussion (agreement required now)

All 30’
11:00 Coffee to allow people to go to the LHCC Open session for Tatsuya's talk 1h
Synchronization   1h

Standard bunch collision synchronization

Jorgen Christiansen 20’

Board to board synchronization

Dominique Breton 20’

Discussion (special problems: Muon, OT, etc.)

All 20’

Wednesday 17 May 2000   14:00      160-1-009

Front-End Electronics (Joergen Christiansen)

L1 Buffer 40'

Buffer size requirements 

Hans Dijkstra/Volker Lindenstruth 20’

Discussion (cost, expandability, etc.)

All 20'
Interface to Trigger Systems 50'

Data from trigger systems

Hans Dijkstra 15’

Monitoring trigger systems

Hans Dijkstra 15’


All 20’
15:30 Coffee 30'
Front-end Multiplexing 40'

Functions + Link technology/protocol

Francios Bal/Hans Muller 20’

Discussion (Rates, distances, etc.)

All 20’

Thursday 18 May 2000   09:00      160-1-009

DAQ (Beat Jost)

DAQ Overview   20'

Overview of Topics not covered in detail (pdf)

Beat Jost 20’
TFC (Timing and Fast Control)   1h5'

Status/Partitioning (pdf)

Beat Jost 20’

Requirements to readout supervisor (pdf)

Richard Jacobsson 20’

Status of TTCrx

Joergen Christiansen 5'


All 20’
10:20 Coffee 20'
Throttling   1h

Infrastructure, dead time, monitoring (pdf)

Beat Jost 30’


All 30’
Readout unit   1h

Data formatting, error handling, performance

Hans Muller 30’


All 20’

Thursday 18 May 2000   14:00      160-1-009

Controls (Clara Gaspar)

Vertex detector control   20'

Motors, Vacuum, Cooling, LHC machine interface (pdf)

Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi 20’
Control requirements from sub-detectors   1h

Summary (pdf)

Clara Gaspar / Andre Augustinus 30’


All 30’
Chip level controls   55'

Control system for CMS tracker (pdf)

Beat Jost 30’

Long distance I2C/JTAG

Jorgen Christiansen 5’


All 20’
16:15 Coffee 25'
Board level controls   50'

Credit card PCs/local control bus (pdf)

Beat Jost 30'


All 20’
General ECS infrastructure (pdf) Clara Gaspar 30''


Friday 19 May 2000   9:00      160-1-009

Summaries and Discussions (Clara Gaspar, Joergen Christiansen, Beat Jost)

General Summaries with online discussions   3h

Summary of Front-End

Joergen Christiansen 1h
10:00 Coffee 30'

Summary of DAQ (pdf)

Beat Jost 1h

Summary of Controls (pdf)

Clara Gaspar 1h

Note: Coffee will be served in the meeting room in all sessions (except Wednesday morning).