4th LHCb Software Week :  5-7 April, 2000 

Preliminary Agenda 

  Wednesday 5 Thursday 6 Friday 7
room 304/1-001 (B) 160/1-009 B61/Salle B

Computing Model

Event Model




Detector Description

Future Plans

Wednesday 9 a.m. Computing Model  (304 / 1-001(B))

There will be a first presentation of a proposal for the  baseline model for the organisation of all our data processing activities, including the way in which we could envisage using regional computing centres outside CERN. Detailed information on this can be seen by refering to a draft technical note which is currently being prepared by members of our Computing Model WG (pdf). This meeting will be important for guaging the opinion of the whole collaboration on this important matter. Most of the details to be discussed have been requested from our referees in the ongoing LHC computing review. It is hoped as many people as possible will attend, especially those concerned with regional computing policy.  

Topics to be covered include :

Wednesday 2 p.m. SICb (304 / 1-001(B))

Thursday 9 a.m.  Event Model   (160/1-009)

This session will adress issues that came up during the recent reviews of the Calorimeter, Tracking and RICH OO designs.

Thursday 2 p.m.  Detector Description (160/1-009)

Friday 9 a.m. New release of GAUDI - version 4 (61/ Salle B)

Friday 2 p.m. Planning (160/1-009)
Summary of sessions - list of actions     (ppt, pdf)                  J.Harvey
GAUDI work programme for next release    (ppt, pdf)          P.Mato
Update on status of EU Grid proposal (ppt,pdf)                    F.Harris