Moore - the High Level Trigger application

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This page last edited by MC on December 07, 2006.

This page is obsolete and no longer maintained.

The new address for the Moore documentation is:

Moore is the LHCb High Level Trigger application, based on the Gaudi framework. It can either read the output of the detector digitization (Boole), or directly from the DAQ in the online environment. The application executes the high level trigger code, followed by the reconstruction phase of Brunel for events that pass the HLT exclusive selection.

Reference documentation
Documentation relating to each release of Moore is obtained by following the links in the table below. Here you can access directly the documentation of the most recent release, and the complete set of release notes.

Supported platforms and compilers
Source code and binaries for supported platforms are available on disk (in AFS directory /afs/ - $LHCBRELEASES), and in the form of tar file distribution kits. The following platform+compiler combinations are supported:

Available versions
Linux and Windows builds of the following versions are available on disk in $LHCBRELEASES. Versions marked as obsolete may be archived (removed from disk) at short notice, to make space for newer versions

Moore Version Release date  Notes
v1r2 26th July 2005 Integrates fixes for bugs found in Real Time Trigger Challenge
Archived versions   No longer available on disk in $LHCBRELEASES

Compatibility of Moore versions with other programs and geometries

CPU performance
The CPU performance of Moore v1r2 was measured in the context of the 2005 RTTC. The results can be found here