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(last updated 24 Sep. 2021)

September 28th
The next Coffee with... session is scheduled for September 28th at 13:30 CEST (just before the Tuesday meeting). Enjoy a virtual coffee break with a group of super nice LHCb colleagues whom you may never have met otherwise. You may register via the indico page.
October 5 2021
Do not miss the next edition of the LHC Ice Cream event (indico page). These events are argeted to an Early Career audience, but everyone is warmly welcome. No registration is needed. This year it will gaze into the exciting world of machine learning and its applications in high energy physics.

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Following the Inclusive teamwork workshop, here are some documents regarding constructive communication and how to react in various challenging situations.

What are we here for?

To quote from the LHCb constitution,

The Early Career and Gender Diversity (ECGD) office oversees the well being and working environment of all LHCb members.
We are here for all issues related to gender and diversity and to the needs of our colleagues at an early career stage. In particular, we deal with issues related to any type of indirect or direct discrimination, be it on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, creed, cultural background or other factors. Please contact us if you have experienced or witnessed any type of discrimination or harassment or any inappropriate behaviour in conflict with the LHCb Code of Conduct. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

We organize plenary meetings at every LHCb collaboration week and we advertise news and activities related to ECGD issues through this web page and through emails to the collaboration. Please help us help you by letting us know of your concerns and by pointing us to relevant news, events and resources.

Who are we?

The ECGD office is composed of two senior ECGD officers, Francesca Dordei (she/her) and Eli Ben Haim (he/him) and two early career representatives, Tara Nanut Petrič and Igor Kostiuk.

ECGD officers

The two ECGD officers are appointed for a two-year term by the LHCb management and endorsed by the Collaboration Board. ECGD officers are usually "seniorish" members of the collaboration, with long-term work contracts, to make sure we can act independently and are not easily intimidated.

Francesca started her term in October 2019, while Eli started in October 2020.
To contact us, for instance if you are in need of specific help and for any confidential matters please use our personal email addresses, (Francesca) and/or (Eli). We will be happy to arrange for a call or a meeting with you. We also have a list of volunteers who are willing to help in the Geneva area. For general messages, you can also reach us at the generic email address Messages to this email address are received by the four members of the ECGD office. They will be archived and accessible by our successors.

You can find a list of all ECGD officers and their terms of office here.

Early-career representatives

Since December 2020, two early-career representatives are elected by the LHCb early-career community for a two-year term. Their appointment is ratified by the Collaboration Board. They assist the senior ECGD officers and take care of the particular needs of the early-career community. The two current early-career representatives are Tara Nanut Petrič and Igor Kostiuk.

Tara and Igor, the first early-career representatives, were appointed in December 2020.
For any early-career related matters please use our personal email addresses (Tara) and/or (Igor). We also receive messages sent to the generic email address

The LHCb early-career community

Belonging to the LHCb early-career commnutiny is a matter of self definition. The community includes all the LHCb members who are subscribed to the e-group lhcb-early-career. By default, postdocs, PhD students and Bachelor students are automatically subscibed. LHCb members who do not belong to these categories and would like to join the community should subscribe to the e-group lhcb-early-career-subscribe. On the contrary, those who would like not to belong to the early-career commnutiny can simply subscribe to e-group lhcb-early-career-unsubscribe.
To do these actions, please connect to the e-groups webpage and search for e-group names that begin with lhcb-early-career. You may then use the subscribe button near the corresponding e-group.


For general messages:
You can reach the ECGD office by email to
For all confidential matters:
Please write to the senior ECGD officers' personal emails.


Please join our mattermost channel to share advice, news and help - or just to stay in touch with your colleagues in these crazy times.


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