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May,25th 2018

Information for prospective and invited speakers

     Available talks are regularly advertised by emails to lhcb-general from the Speakers' Bureau chair, for which LHCb members may apply. Applications are encouraged, provided you have the support of your group leader. Further information on this procedure and the list of available talks may be found under 'Available Talks'. The Speakers' Bureau will then consider that application, and you will be informed if it is successful. Independently of this procedure you may also receive an invitation for a talk, which you have not applied for, directly from the Speakers' Bureau chair. Talks are assigned according to the criteria listed in the Speakers' Bureau mandate. A system of points (SB-scores table) has been designed to help achieve a fair distribution of talks. This is by no means the only parameter used in the decision to assign a talk to an applicant. It may be used in case two or more applicants have equal priority according to the criteria listed in the mandate. Points decay with time.
     Please reply promptly to any invitation you receive from the Speakers' Bureau chair. If you decline the invitation you will not prejudice your chances of receiving future invitations. In case you want to explain your reasons for declining (for example, personal or related to your safety or to discrimination you may suffer in the country hosting the conference) feel free to contact the, or, if appropriate, to discuss with the LHCb-ECGD officers.
     You may also receive invitations directly from conference organisers to speak on an LHCb topic or a subject related to LHCb activities. Please refer all such invitations directly to the SB chair before accepting. If the talk has a significant fraction of LHCb material (>30%) a rehearsal should be organised and the talk slides be made available on CDS. The talk score for personal invitations is the same of those for talks assigned by the SB.