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1 March 2024

Bringing eclipsed women of astronomy and physics into the light:

16 February 2024

Ethics at CERN:

At CERN, our ethics-related framework aims to guide us to act in accordance with the Organization’s values and the conduct expected of us, and to establish and maintain a respectful working environment. There is a new webpage on ethics at CERN bringing together information in a clearer manner:

9 February 2024

Support for black physics students:

Gender equality can be the route to a better world:

19 January 2024

FIRST-EVER CERN Alumni Jobs Fair

The FIRST-EVER CERN Alumni Jobs Fair will take place at the Third Collisions event at CERN (9-11 February 2024). Full details for the whole event can be found here:

CERN Trainings

CERN offers a number of courses and trainings on diversity and inclusion that may be of interest. The current offering can be found here:

19 January 2024

Upcoming CERN Women in Technology annual review

The upcoming CERN Women in Technology annual review will be held on Thursday, February 1 at 12:00. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the WIT community, and the volunteer opportunities that they offer, and to provide feedback on their activities.

12 January 2024

The ECGD team wishes you all a happy and prosperous new year.


We’d like to draw your attention to this article in the cern courier:


As I start to fill my new diary and indico with meetings for the upcoming year and watch with a feeling of unease as it all starts to build up I was reminded of this ecgd session from 2017.