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The DAQ project covers the common part of the data acquisition system for LHCb, starting from the detector links and including all readout stages to the data storage. It also manages support for the basic DAQ system in the LHCb testbeams.

New Items Description and work-packages of the combined L1-HLT ("software trigger") system. (pdf, ps)


Sub-detector/Sub-system contacts:

Inner Tracker  
Outer Tracker  
RICH    Steve Wotton
TFC    Richard Jacobsson
Test Beam    Niko Neufeld

LHCb DAQ Presentations

  • June 99 - LHCb Trigger and DAQ system (presented to RT99 conference) - B.Jost (ppt,ps)
  • June 99 - Performance of Switching Networks - JP Dufey (pdf)
  • Proposal for event building project, J.P.Dufey (pdf)
  • Project Planning, LHCb Online Meeting, June 15, 1998 (pdf)


  • LHCb Trigger/DAQ architecture  (pdf, eps)
  • Readout Protocols (pdf, eps)
  • TTC Architecture (eps)

LHCb DAQ Technical Notes and other documents

  • "Event Building in an Intelligent Network Interface Card for the LHCb DAQ System" - Presentation given at the DAQ 2000 Workshop in Lyon: N. Neufeld [pdf]
  • "The LHCb DAQ System" - Presentation given at the DAQ 2000 Workshop in Lyon: B. Jost [pdf]
  • "LHCb Trigger and DAQ System" - Presentation to RT99 conference Santa Fe : B. Jost [pdf]
  • LHCb 98-031, DAQ --- Timing and trigger distribution in LHCb(ps, abstract), B. Jost, 9.2.1998
  • LHCb 98-030, DAQ --- SCI implementation study of LHCb data acquisition (ps, abstract), H. Muller, 30.1.1998
  • LHCb 98-029, DAQ --- DAQ implementation studies (ps, abstract), J.P. Dufey and I. Mandjavidze, 9.2.1998
  • LHCb 98-028, DAQ --- DAQ architecture and read-out protocols(ps, abstract), M.Frank et al., 9.2.1998
  • LHCb 98-027, DAQ --- LHCb data flow requirements (ps, abstract), F. Harris and M.Frank, 11.2.1998
  • The LHCb Data Flow URD, 27 August 1997 (ps)
  • Report to the LHCC - March 14th 1997 (ps)
  • TDR Documentation

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Old items

LHCb DAQ/ECS TDR Documentation
Readout Unit Review 24 June 2001 
LHCb DAQ Review, Sept 11/12, 2001



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