Core Computing and Software Project Organisation

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This page last edited by CB on 28 Jan, 2019.

The Core Computing and Software project organisation is described in the document attached here. It is summarised in the picture below.

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Project responsibilities

Core Software and Computing Project Leader Concezio Bozzi
Deputy Project Leader Ben Couturier
Core Software Coordinator Sebastien Ponce
Distributed Computing Software Coordinator
Federico Stagni
Data Handling Coordinator
Marco Cattaneo
Services & Operations Coordinator Ben Couturier
Resources Coordinator Concezio Bozzi


Committee Membership

WLCG Collaboration Board

LHCb Spokesperson (alternate Philippe Charpentier)
WLCG Overview Board LHCb Spokesperson (alternate Philippe Charpentier)
Computing RRB LHCb Spokesperson, Deputy Spokesperson, Computing Resources Manager
WLCG Management Board Concezio Bozzi (alternates Andrew McNab & Ben Couturier)
WLCG Grid Deployment Board Concezio Bozzi, Andrew McNab
WLCG Operations Coordination Meeting Grid Export on Call on duty
LCG Architects' Forum Marco Clemencic, Marco Cattaneo