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(last updated 7 June 2019)

19 Nov 2019
LHC Career Networking Event at CERN; agenda is in preparation, the format is going to be similar to that of the 2018 edition.
10 Jul 2019
ECGD talk at EPS-HEP in Ghent; please apply via the Speakers' Bureau if you are interested.
5 Jul 2019
LGBTSTEM day, the International Day of LGBT+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths; LHCb and ECGD are supporters.
18 Jun 2019
ECGD session at LHCb week (starting at 14h00); the topic is going to be "Early Career initiatives in LHCb", see the preliminary agenda.
17 Jun 2019
Screening of the movie "Miss Representation" in the CERN Council Chamber (starting at 12h00); you can register through the Indico page, which also has some information on the movie.
14 Jun 2019
Frauen*streik / Grève féministe in Switzerland; there is an academic manifesto that you can sign.
13/14 Jun 2019
CERN academic training lectures on Evolutionary Psychology, Self-Control, Decision Fatigue, and Energy Depletion and Thinking about the Future. Video recordings are going to appear on the Indico pages.
21 May 2019
"From physics to data science": Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move..
23 Apr 2019
Article on "Request a woman scientist: a database for diversifying the public face of science".
8 Apr 2019
Presentation at CERN by Prof. Juliane Degner, "I'm the least sexist person..." - why It is misleading and dangerous to believe that you are free of prejudice; a recording is availabe in case you missed the presentation.
8 Mar 2019
International Women's Day.
8 Mar 2019
Women in Technology at CERN are launching the 2019 edition of their mentoring programme; everyone is welcome to apply.
6 Mar 2019
The ECGD office is now included in the LHCb constitution (Section 3.4).
5 Mar 2019
The winners of the ECGD logo competition are Martino Borsato and his friends from Heidelberg. Many thanks and congratulations!
5 Mar 2019
ECGD session at the 91st LHCb week; we have invited the CERN Ombudsperson, Pierre Gildemyn, and Val Gibson will report on the Results of the ECFA Survey on the Recognition of Individual Achievements in Large Collaborations; the session will be followed by coffee and biscuits in the Filtration plant.
11 Feb 2019
International Day of Women and Girls in Science; for the first time, the heads of eight major European scientific organisations (including CERN) have issued a joint statement on this occasion.
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What are we here for?

To quote from the LHCb constitution,

The Early Career and Gender Diversity (ECGD) office oversees the well being and working environment of all LHCb members.
We are here for all issues related to gender and diversity and to the needs of our colleagues at an early career stage. In particular, we deal with issues related to any type of indirect or direct discrimination, be it on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, creed, cultural background or other factors. Please contact us if you have experienced or witnessed any type of discrimination or harassment or any inappropriate behaviour in conflict with the LHCb Code of Conduct. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

We organize plenary meetings at every LHCb collaboration week and we advertise news and activities related to ECGD issues through this web page and through emails to the collaboration. Please help us help you by letting us know of your concerns and by pointing us to relevant news, events and resources.

Who are we?

The two ECGD officers are appointed for a two-year term by the LHCb management and endorsed by the Collaboration Board. ECGD officers are usually "seniorish" members of the collaboration, with long-term work contracts, to make sure we can act independently and are not easily intimidated.

Arantza started her term in October 2017, while Olaf started in October 2018. Please contact us at our personal email addresses, (Arantza) and/or (Olaf), for any confidential matters. We will be happy to arrange for a call or a meeting with you. For general messages, you can best reach the ECGD office at the generic email address Messages to the generic email address will be archived and accessible to our successors.

You can find a list of all ECGD officers and their terms of office here.


For general messages:
You can reach the ECGD office by email to
For all confidential matters:
Please contact us at our personal emails.


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