This is a collection of links related to career development inside and outside of LHCb and academia in general. Please help us maintain this page: send us an email if you have suggestions for links to add, or if you spot stale or outdated links.

(Early) Career initiatives inside LHCb

Mentoring programme
... to help put early career physicists in touch with more experienced colleagues.
... to improve the working lives of young researchers working on the LHCb experiment.
UK student group
... a collection of information that's useful for LHCb students, not only from the UK.

Careers (inside and) outside academia

CERN Alumni
Provides those who have left the Laboratory with a means of keeping in touch with CERN and with each other; supports its members with their future career development.
LHC career networking event
An annual event at CERN, offering insight into career opportunities outside of academia. Former members of the LHC collaborations give presentations and participate in a panel discussion to elaborate on their experience in companies in a diverse range of fields (industry, finance, IT,...). The link points to the 2019 edition. We plan another event for November 2020.
APS Professional Development Guidebook
"Step by step guidance for discovering which careers align with your interests, talents, and values, and building a successful road towards them." - see also Crystal Bailey's talk at DPF 2015 on The Real Story About Employment for Physics Graduates.
"Five weeks of intensive, project-based training turning exceptional analytical PhDs and MScs into Data Scientists." fellowships
"The Faculty Fellowship exists to ensure that the brightest academics get a chance to immerse themselves in working life, learn about artificial intelligence in business and help build the future of operational AI.."
How to build a better PhD
Article by Julie Gould in Nature (2 Dec 2015): "There are too many PhD students for too few academic jobs - but with imagination, the problem could be solved."

Returning to academia after a career break

Daphne Jackson Trust (UK)
"The UK's leading organisation dedicated to realising the potential of scientists and engineers returning to research following a career break."
Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (UK)
"This scheme offers a recognised first step into an independent research career for outstanding scientists and engineers at an early stage of their research career who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances, such as parenting or caring responsibilities or health issues."