It is part of our mandate to help organize "regular open meetings where ECGD matters can be discussed". We have had an ECGD plenary meeting at every LHCb collaboration week since December 2014, for a total of 19 meetings so far. These meetings are usually dedicated to specific topic and are prepared with the help of a group of volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to propose a topic for one of the future meetings or would like to get involved in preparing a meeting.

The following links point to the (password protected) Indico pages of previous ECGD meetings. In some cases you'll have to scroll down to the relevant agenda item.

15 Jun 2021
Main topic: Supporting transgender and non-binary colleagues.
23 Feb 2021
Main topic: Healthy teamwork in preparation of Run 3.
8 Dec 2020
Main topic: Being a (EC) scientist during a pandemic.
8 Sep 2020
Main topic: Ethnic discrimination.
9 Jun 2020
Main topic: Working from home, online conferences/meetings.
25 Feb 2020
Main topic: Examples of successful mentoring initiatives.
3 Dec 2019
Main topic: A first look at the 2019 ECGD survey.
18 Sep 2019
Main topic: Climate Change and Sustainability.
18 Jun 2019
Main topic: Early Career initiatives in LHCb.
5 Mar 2019
Main topic: ECFA survey on the recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations.
6 Dec 2018
Main topic: Gender and diversity in LHCb - what should we learn for the upgrade?
6 Sep 2018
Main topic: importance of social events at workplace.
14 Jun 2018
Main topic: mental health in the research and academia community.
8 Mar 2018
Main topic: gender balance.
7 Dec 2017
Main topic: meetings - how to make them better?
21 Sep 2017
Main topic: statistics and notes on 2016 ECGD survey.
15 Jun 2017
Main topic: human-human interaction with the LHCb experiment.
2 Mar 2017
Main topic: mentoring, panel discussion, Q&A, and informal chats.
8 Dec 2016
Main topic: mentoring.
15 Sep 2016
Main topic: results of the 2016 ECGD survey.
23 Jun 2016
Main topic: early-career representation in the experiment.
10 Mar 2016
Main topic: gender imbalance.
17 Dec 2015
Main topic: sexual harassment.
16 Sep 2015
Main topic: one year of the ECGD office.
11 Jun 2015
Main topic: career options inside and outside of HEP.
23 Feb 2015
Main topic: m/paternity leave.
1 Dec 2014
Main topic: mentoring.