1 Sep 2020
Application deadline for CERN's Fellowship and Post Career Break Fellowship programmes.
15 Apr 2020
"Soft-skills workshop" organized jointly with our Early-Career friends in ALICE, ATLAS and CMS. Topic: "Making the best out of working from home". Please register through the Indico page.
7 Apr 2020
Tuesday meeting with Eckhard Elsen, CERN Director for Research and Computing. Please send you questions for Eckhard to Giovanni and/or Chris - or to your ECGD officers.
24-27 Mar 2020
Software Carpentry at CERN event, aimed at training in key skills for HEP software development and of particular interest to those who did not yet attend the LHCb StarterKit event. Registration opens Feb 28 at 10h CERN time. See their Indico page for details.
8 Mar 2020
International Women's day.
6 Mar 2020
CERN's WIT are visiting LHCb for one of their "WIT Drinks", see the Indico agenda for details. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this event due to COVID-19. We'll re-schedule it as soon as the crisis is over.
4 Mar 2020
Deadline for submitting your photos for the new "Women in LHCb" poster and for the #EachForEqual initiative. For details, see our Feb 28 newsletter.
26 Feb 2020
LHCb Startertalk on "Basic practices of scientific writing", by Eliane Epple, starting at 16h30 in 13-2-005 at CERN and on Vidyo. For more details, see the Indico agenda.
26 Feb 2020
Debate session with our four PC candidates, starting at 14h30 in the Filtration plant at CERN and on Vidyo.
26 Feb 2020
Laura Bassi lunchtime event, 12h30-13h30 in room 40-5-A01 at CERN. Topic of discussion: "Imposter Syndrome".
19 Nov 2019
LHC Career Networking Event at CERN; agenda is in preparation, the format is going to be similar to that of the 2018 edition.
21 Aug 2019
LHC Ice Cream event at CERN - "Come for the ice cream, stay for the physics". This year's topic is Neutrinos. The agenda is still evolving, the format will be similar to last year's.
1 Aug 2019
ECGD talk by Marina Artuso at DPF meeting in Boston.
10 Jul 2019
ECGD talk by Vitalii Lisovskyi at EPS-HEP in Ghent.
6 Jul 2019
CERN's Women in Technology (WIT) have their own Instagram channel,
5 Jul 2019
LGBTSTEM day, the International Day of LGBT+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths; LHCb and ECGD are supporters.
4 Jul 2019
Talk at CERN by Ben Britton, "No sexuality please, we're scientists".
27 Jun 2019
Article in Nature on discrimination against LGBT+ scientists.
19 Jun 2019
LHCb Starter Talk at the 92nd LHCb week; Manuel Schiller will discuss "Flavour Tagging" with you.
18 Jun 2019
ECGD session at the 92nd LHCb week; the topic is "Early Career initiatives in LHCb", with presentations by Martha Hilton and Eluned Anne Smith followed by hopefully lively discussions.
17 Jun 2019
Screening of the movie "Miss Representation" in the CERN Council Chamber (starting at 12h00); you can register through the Indico page, which also has some information on the movie.
14 Jun 2019
Frauen*streik / Grève féministe in Switzerland; there is an academic manifesto that you can sign.
13/14 Jun 2019
CERN academic training lectures on Evolutionary Psychology, Self-Control, Decision Fatigue, and Energy Depletion and Thinking about the Future. Video recordings are going to appear on the Indico pages.
12 Jun 2019
The New York Times report that Francis Collins, head of N.I.H., Calls for End to All-Male Panels of Scientists.
21 May 2019
"From physics to data science": Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move..
15 May 2019
Article in Nature, "Being a PhD student shouldn?t be bad for your health"
23 Apr 2019
Article in PLOS Biology, "Request a woman scientist: a database for diversifying the public face of science".
8 Apr 2019
Presentation at CERN by Prof. Juliane Degner, "I'm the least sexist person..." - why It is misleading and dangerous to believe that you are free of prejudice; a recording is availabe in case you missed the presentation.
8 Mar 2019
International Women's Day.
8 Mar 2019
Women in Technology at CERN are launching the 2019 edition of their mentoring programme; everyone is welcome to apply.
6 Mar 2019
The ECGD office is now included in the LHCb constitution (Section 3.4).
5 Mar 2019
The winners of the ECGD logo competition are Martino Borsato and his friends from Heidelberg. Many thanks and congratulations!
5 Mar 2019
ECGD session at the 91st LHCb week; we have invited the CERN Ombudsperson, Pierre Gildemyn, and Val Gibson will report on the Results of the ECFA Survey on the Recognition of Individual Achievements in Large Collaborations; the session will be followed by coffee and biscuits in the Filtration plant.
11 Feb 2019
International Day of Women and Girls in Science; for the first time, the heads of eight major European scientific organisations (including CERN) have issued a joint statement on this occasion.
Older news
10 Oct 2018
is World Mental Health Day.
5 Jul 2018
is #LGBTSTEMDay (the International Day of LGBT+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).
23 May 2018
the Albert Einstein Center at the University of Bern is organising a Women in HEP day.
8 Mar 2018
14th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is Gender balance in Masterclasses and elsewhere, with a talk by Pippa Wells on "Women and Girls in Science".
8 Mar 2018
is also International Women's Day.
11 Feb 2018
is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
7 Dec 2017
13th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is "A meeting about meetings: How to make them better?"
21 Sep 2017
12th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is Statistics and Notes on the 2016 survey.
2 Aug 2017
Talk on Diversity and Inclusion by Elizabeth Simmons at APS-DPF 2017. See also: AIP Statistical Research Center.
7 Jul 2017
ECGD presentation at EPS-HEP 2017 (Indico, slides, proceedings at PoS(EPS-HEP2017)569).
15 Jun 2017
11th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is "human-human interaction with the LHCb experiment"
26 Jun 2017
CERN Diversity in Action Workshop: learn about how stereotypes form and how they could affect our professional life; explore ways to recognise and overcome unconscious biases.
2 Mar 2017
10th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is "Mentoring in LHCb"
27 Jan 2017
Gender in Physics Day at the CERN Globe (see also article in the CERN bulletin by Sijbrand de Jong: Diversity? It's an issue for the majority).
8 Dec 2016
9th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is "Mentoring".
29 Nov 2016
ALICE-ATLAS-CMS-LHCb Career Networking Event: former LHC physicists talk about their careers outside HEP, be it as employees of large companies or founders of their own start-ups, in computing, engineering, finance, consulting, journalism,...
Oct 2016
Survey of postdoctoral funding schemes in Europe; the report also considers the role of the postdoctoral positions given that most postdocs will not find a tenured academic position.
Oct 2016
Article in Physics World on Gender bias in recommendation letters.
4 Oct 2016
Presentation at CERN of Tasneem Zehra Husain's book “Only the Longest Threads” (see also this link for details on Tasneem Zehra Husain's visit of CERN).
15 Sep 2016
8th LHCb ECGD meeting; the main topic is 2016 survey results.
5 Aug 2016
ECGD presentation at ICHEP 2016 (Indico, slides, proceedings).
14 Jun 2016
An interactive map of The state of gay rights around the world published by the Washington Post.
22 Mar 2016
ECGD statement on LGBT poster defacements at CERN.
Mar 2016
OECD working paper: Does gender discrimination matter for long-term growth? (see also the OECD Gender and development web page and their Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) regional report for Europe and Central Asia, published in 2015).
26 March 2015
CERN Knowledge Transfer meet-ups for CERN people interested in entrepreneurship and innovation; contact person is Marthe Dehli.
8 March 2016
Report at the CERN ACCU meeting on Gender (Im)Balance at CERN.
17 Feb 2015
LHCb mentoring programme.
Nov 2011
TED talk by Frans de Waal: Not even monkeys accept different pay for the same job (the relevant bit starts around 12'46'').
Dec 2010
TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders.