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This was the LHCb simulation until 2004, it is obsolete!

The documentation kept for historical reasons.

For the current LHCb simulation refer to the Gauss web pages

This is a GEANT-3 based simulation package for the LHCb experiment.

The first attempt to split SICB into SICBMC and SICBDST is achieved. Several files have been moved from one package to another.

files which open and read data files have been moved from events/ to Futio/

files which handle detector initializations (xxinit.F)  have been moved to detdes/

SICBMC and SICBDST are the 2 program packages which replace SICB.
In these packages there is a new subdirectory (/job) which contains data cards and job examples.

If you miss a file you can use Lblocate to find it:
> Lblocate muginit.F SICBMC v241

SICBMC-light work plan

SICBMC and SICBDST Released versions


Reports, manuals and user guides

SICB User Guide
SICB bank definitions
AX - analysis subroutines library
Trigger software documentation
AXSEL - physics selections library

How to:

How to run SICBMC or SICBDST under CMT
View the SICB code via CVSWEB
How to run SICBCHK to make data quality checking histograms

MC data:

sicb.dat (cards) files for various eventtypes and versions of sicb   this is obsolete, cards are taken from the SICB/dkcards package used by SICBMC

Minutes of the "Discussion on Event Size" meeting, 25/05/2000

MiniDST project

Data Quality Analysis (WDQA)

MC Job Control Center

Links to older (obsolete) information

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