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This page lists general B physics presentations made by LHCb collaborators

2012 July 9 Sheldon Stone New Physics from Flavour(transparencies) 36th Int. Conf. on High Energy Physics, Melbourne, Australia
2012 July 17 Marco Gersabeck Charm - a new chapter of CP violation(transparencies) Teilchenphysikkolloqium 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
2012 March 12 Andreas Schopper Introduction to Flavour Physics (transparencies) Moriond QCD and High Energy Interactions, La Thuile, Italy
2012 March 1 Ulrich Kerzel Flavour Physik als Schlüssel zu "Neuer Physik" (transparencies) DPG Frühjahrstagung 2012, Göttingen, Germany
2012 February 21 Rob Lambert Heavy Flavour Physics, an introduction and review (transparencies) Lake Louise Winter Institute 2012, Lake Louise, Canada
2011 August 8-13 Sheldon Stone Heavy Flavor Physics (proceedings) DPF-2011 Conference, Providence, RI, USA
2011 May 9-11 Sheldon Stone B Physics in the LHC Era (transparencies) Phenomenology 2011 Symposium, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
2011 March 22 Rob Lambert Introduction to Flavour Physics (transparencies, pptx) Moriond QCD and High Energy Interactions, La Thuile, Italy

2010 Oct 4-5

Giulia Manca

J/ψ Production at LHC (transparencies)

7th Workshop on B Physics, Orsay, France
2009 Sept 24-25 Ziad Ajaltouni Direct Test of Time-Reversal Symmetry at LHC. Feasibilities with LHCb (transparencies) LHC-Theory Meeting, LPSC, Grenoble, France
2006 April 9-12 Andreas Schopper Flavor physics and CP violation at LHC (transparencies) FPCP06, Vancouver, Canada
2005 March 5-12 Marta Calvi B Physics prospects at LHC (transparencies) Rencontres de Moriond: Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories<\br>La Thuile, Italy
2005 March 15-18 Roger Forty B Physics of Future Hadron Facilities (25'+5') (transparencies) CKM 2005; workshop on the unitarity triangle <\br> San Diego, USA
2005 November 7-10 Olivier Schneider   B physics prospects at the LHC (transparencies) Flavour in the era of the LHC Workshop CERN Geneva, Switzerland
Patrick Koppenburg  B->llK (*) prospects at LHCb (transparencies)
2003 June 3-6, Andrey Golutvin Reaching for g (present and future) (transparencies.ppt) Flavor physics and CP violation (FPCP 2003)<\br> Paris, France
2002 October 6-11 Neville Harnew B Physics at the LHC (transparencies.ppt)(ps.file) First International Workshop on Frontier Science<\br> Frascati, Itlay
2002 June 16-22, Tatsuya Nakada Thoughts on CP violation experiment (pdf file) XIVth Rencontres de Blois - Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry<\br> Chateau de Blois, Blois, France
2001 November 20-22 Olivier Schneider Future B physics prospects at hadron colliders (pdf file)( 5th KEK topical conference "Frontiers in Flavour Physics"<\br> KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
2001 February 19-23, Roger Forty B physics from LEP and SLD (ppt file) 4th International Workshop on B Physics and CP Violation<\br> Ise-Shima, Japan
Tatsuya Nakada B physics at LHC (talk.pdf)(writeup.pdf)
2000 February 8, Tatsuya Nakada Symmetry and its violation - unifying concept of universe (ppt file) Inaugural Lecture at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
1999 July 25-29 Neville Harnew B-Physics potential of ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and BTeV(ps file)(pdf file) 8th International symposium on heavy flavour physics, Southampton, UK
1999 January 14 Gloria Corti A large hadron collider beauty experiment for precision measurement of CP violation and rare decays (ps file) Workshop on standard model physics (and more)<\br>LHC b physics production subgroup CERN
1998 December 18 Tatsuya Nakada CP violation (pdf) University of Freiburg, Switzerland
1998 August 10-14 Tatsuya Nakada CP violation (ps, ppt) Brazilian Physical Society, Particles and Fields Meeting, Caxambu, Brasil
1998 July 23-29 Tatsuya Nakada Prospects for future CP violation experiment in the B-meson system (ps, ppt, final version) ICHEP'98, parallel session6, Vancouver, Canada
1997 March Thomas Ruf B Physics at LHC, he XXXIInd Rencontres de Moriond ElectroWeak Interactions and Unified Theories, Les Arcs, France
1997 April Tatsuya Nakada Future Prospects for CP Violation Experiments Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Cambridge, UK
1997 July Tatsuya Nakada   The Symposium Twenty Beautiful Years of Bottom Physics, Chicago, USA
1996 May Tatsuya Nakada Review on Future B-meson Experiments German Russian workshop on Physics in Heavy Quark Physics, Dubna, Russia
1996 May-June Tatsuya Nakada Review on Future B-meson Experiments Workshop on K Physics, Orsay, France
1996 December Guy Wilkinson   C0 Workshop, Fermilab, Batavia, USA