CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics

LHCb lectures on CDS (from January 2010 onwards)

M. Pepe-Altarelli 2020-03-09 Flavor Physics (transparencies) Moscow International School of Physics 2020, Moscow
C. Joram 2017-09-01 Particle Detection and Detector Systems (transparencies) Particle Detection, CBPF
C. Joram 2017-09-01 The Basics of Particle Detection - 3 lectures (transparencies 1, 2, 3) Particle Detection, CBPF
F. Teubert 2014-09-19 Indirect searches of NP from Flavour Physics (transparencies) Taller de Altas Energias 2014
F. Teubert 2013-05-20 Indiret Searches for NP in Flavour Physics (transparencies) Ferrara International School Niccolò Cabeo 2013
V. Gligorov 2012-07-13 Triggering in high energy physics experiment (transparencies) Teshep Summer School, Petnica, Serbia
N. Neufeld   Introcution to Networks in DAQ(transparencies) International School on Trigger and Data Aqcuisition, Ankara, Turkey
R. Forty 2010-01-19 Particle Identification
Lecture 1 (transparencies) (ppt)
Lecture 2: Detectors (transparencies) (ppt)
ICFA Instrumentation School, Bariloche, Argentine
M. Pepe-Altarelli 2009-08/09 LHCb Status and Physics Prospects (transparencies) (ppt) The 9th Hellenic School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity
2nd School and Workshop on
Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry
Corfou, Greece
P. Charpentier 2009-08-24 Grid Computing (tranparencies.pptx) 65th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, St Andrews, Scotland
V. Gibson 2009-06-16 Experimental Aspects of Heavy Flavour Physics
Lecture 2 (transparencies) (ppt)
V. Gibson 2009-06-15 Experimental Aspects of Heavy Flavour Physics
Lecture 1 (transparencies) (ppt)
2008-02-08 Beauty Physics at LHCb (ppt) 11th International Moscow School of Physics, Russia
F. Teubert 2007-06-15 B Physics at LHC (transparencies) Hadron Collider Physics Summer School, Fermilab, CERN,  Geneva, Switzerland
R. Forty 2007-01-29 Physics challenges of the LHC
The LHC Machine (ppt)
The LHC Experiments (ppt)
B physics at the LHC (ppt)
XIV Escola de Verão Jorge André Swieca de
Partículas e Campos, Campos do Jordão, Sao Paulo, Brasil
O. Ullaland 2006-06-12 Particle Identification (transparencies) Italo-Hellenic School of Physics in Lecce, Italy
O. Schneider 2005-09-06 Future experiments in hadronic flavour physics and CP violation (transparencies) Heraeus Summer School in Dresden, Germany
V. Gibson 2003-09 B physics (ppt) (write up) 57th Scottish Universities Summer School (SUSSP57), St Andrew Scottland,
P. Collins 2003-12-08 Silicon detectors (ppt) X ICFA school on instrumentation in elementary particle physics
Itacuruca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil,
T. Nakada 1999-07-26 Physics of CP violation and rare decays (transparencies) NATO ASI Summer School, Cargese,
C. Joram  1998-03-30 Particle Detectors   (transparencies) CERN Academic lectures
P. Mato 1998-07 Trigger and Data Acquisition Handouts (PDF), Slides (PDF) CERN Summer Student Lectures
T.Nakada 1997-02 CP Violation  Notes: (1-8) , (9-13), (14-17) CERN Academic Training