CERN — The European Laboratory for Particle Physics

Peilian Li
Vukan Jevtic
2023-06-13 Measurements of sin(2β) and φs with the full LHCb data sample LHC Seminar, CERN
Paolo Gandini 2023-04-25 Reviewing a decade of spectroscopy at LHCb and the observation of new baryonic structures LHC Seminar, CERN
Resmi Puthumanaillam 2023-03-21 Measurement of R(D∗) with hadronic τ+ decays at s√ = 13 TeV by the LHCb collaboration LHC Seminar, CERN
Renato Quagliani
Measurements of RK and RK∗ with the full LHCb Run 1 and 2 data
LHC Seminar, CERN
Gregory Ciezarek 2022-10-18 R(D∗) and R(D) with τ − → μ−ντ νμ LHC Seminar, CERN
Elisabetta Spadaro Norella, Chen Chen 2022-07-05 Particle Zoo.2.0 : New tetra-and pentaquarks at LHCb CERN Seminar, CERN
Sune Jakobsen 2022-06-03 LHCb SciFi: From performance requirements to operational detector Detector Seminar, CERN
Jiayin Sun 2022-05-03 New heavy ion and fixed-target results at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Diego Torres Machado 2022-03-15 Observation of CP violation in charmless three-body B+ meson decays at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Mark Whitehead
Guillaume Pietrzyk
2022-02-08 New precise measurements of CP violation and mixing in beauty and charm decays at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Harry Cliff 2021-10-19 New tests of lepton universality using rare B decays with 𝐾0𝑆 mesons LHC Seminar, CERN
Ivan Polyakov 2021-09-14 Observation and study of the doubly charmed Tcc+ tetraquark LHC Seminar, CERN
Mika Anton Vesterinen 2021-06-29 Measurement of the W boson mass with the LHCb detector LHC Seminar, CERN
Agnieszka Dziurda & Sascha Stahl 2021-06-08 The beauty and charm of fast and slow neutral meson oscillations at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Marco Santimaria 2021-03-23 Measurement of B0(S)→μ+μ− decays with Run 1 + Run 2 data LHC Seminar, CERN
Konstantinos Petridis 021-03-23 Test of Lepton Flavour Universality in B+ → K +ℓ+ℓ− decays LHC Seminar, CERN
Tommaso Pajero 2021-02-16 New results on CP violation in charm decays at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Will Parker 2020-12-01 Direct CP violation in the decay B^+to K^+pi^0 at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Manuel Tobias Schiller 2020-10-06 Time-dependent CP violation in B^0_s decays at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Daniel Johnson
B->DDbarh decays : a new (virtual) laboratory for exotic particle searches at LHCb
LHC Seminar, CERN
Liupan An
2020-06-16 Latest results on exotic hadrons at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Vitalii Lisivskyi 2020-05-04 Rare decays : from strangeness to beauty LHC Seminar, CERN
Emmy Gabriel 2020-05-04 Recent results on heavy baryon spectroscopy at the LHCb detector LHC Seminar, CERN
Eluned Anne Smith 2020-03-10 Updated angular analysis of the decay B^0->K^{*0}(->K^+\pi^-)\mu^+\mu^- (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Ricardo Vazquez Gomez 2020-02-11 First determination of |V_cb| and B_s ->D^*_s hadronic form factors using B_s semileptonic decays at LHCb CERN Seminar,
Daniel Campora Perez and David Rohr 2019-12-11 Usage of GPU for online data processing : the experience of Alice and LHCb (transparencies 1 & transparencies 2) EP Software Seminar, CERN
Hengne Li 2019-12-10 Strong physics at LHCb : probling nuclear matter effects in small systems (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Andrea Merli 2019-10-22 Searches for CP violation in multibody baryon decays at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Liming Zhang 2019-07-30 Recent results on pentaquarks at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Francesca Dordei 2019-05-07 Precision measurment of the CP-violating phase ϕ s at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Paula Alvarez Cartelle 2019-03-26 Search for lepton flavour universality violation in B+       ->K+ℓ+ℓ− decays at LHCb (transparencies)   EP Seminar, CERN
Angelo Carbone 2019-03-21 Observation of CP violation in charm decays with the LHCb experiment (transparencies) EP Seminar, CERN
Freek Sanders 2019-02-01 Making modules for the VELO upgrade (transparencies) EP Seminar, CERN
Zhenwei Yang 2019-01-29 New results on heavy flavour production at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Rafael Silva Coutinho 2018-12-11 Amplitude analyses of multibody hadronic decays at LHCb LHC Seminar, CERN
Giovanni Cavallero 2018-10-30 Recent results on exotic hadrons at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Michael Winn 2018-08-21 Fixed-target & heavy-ion collision results from LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Hang Yin 2018-06-10 New results on charmed baryons from the LHCb experiment (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Fabio Ferrari 2018-04-24 Updated determination of D0 - Dbar0 mixing and CP violation parameters with D0 -> K+pi- decays (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Stephen Farry 2018-02-27 Forward Top Physics at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Conor Fitzpatrick 2017-12-13 Too much of a good thing - How to trigger in a signal-rich environment (transparencies) EP-IT Data science seminar, CERN
Matthew Kenzie 2017-11-21 First measurement of CP- violation using B0s -> K*0 K*0 decays (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Donal Hill 2017-10-10 Precision measurements of the Cabibbo-Kobayahi-Maskawa angle g at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Christian Joram 2017-09-01 Scintillating Fibres – Tracking Particles With (a little) Light (transparencies) Particle Detection Seminar, CBPF
Yanxi Zhang 2017-07-11 Searches for baryons with multiple heavy quarks at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Martino Borsato 2017-05-11 Search for new physics with b→b→sℓℓ  decays at LHCb : latest results (transparencies) Collider Cross Talk, CERN
Simone Bifani 2017-04-18 Search for new physics with b→sℓ+ℓ− decays at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Flavio Archilli 2017-02-14 Observation of BOs to m+m- and first measurement of its effective lifetime with LHCb Run-2 data (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Francesco Dettori 2016-11-08 Status and prospects for strange physics at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Jinlin Fu 2016-09-27 Search for CP violation in baryon decays at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Evelina Gersabeck 2016-01-19 CP violation searches in the charm sector at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Sheldon Stone 2015-11-05 Pentaquarks and Tetraquarks at LHCb (transparencies) Collider Cross Talk Seminar
William Barter 2015-10-27 Latest LHCb measurements of Electroweak Boson Production in Run-1 (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Barbara Storaci 2015-10-09 First full calibration and reconstruction of a HEP detector in real time (transparencies) Detector Seminar, CERN
Patrick Spradlin 2015-10-07 Charm and J/psi cross section measurements at 13 TeV with real-time calibration (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Nathan Jurik 2015-09-22 Observation of J/psi p resonances consistent with pentaquark states in Lambda b to J/psi p K- decays (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Brian Hamilton 2015-06-30 Measurement of the semitauonic decay B0 -> D*- tau+ nu at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Victor Coco 2015-05-26 Observation of top-quark production in the forward region with LHCb together (b.c)-jet tagging and W+(b,c) jets production measurements @ 7 and 8 Tev (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Olaf Steinkamp 2015-05-13 LHCb - Highlights from Run I, Prospects for Run II and beyond (transparencies) Particle Physics Seminar, Universitat Bern
Till Moritz Karbach 2015-03-09 Precision Flavor Physics: Recent measurements of the CKM angle Y at LHCb (transparencies) Particle Physics Seminar Marseille
Patrick Owen 2015-03-24  Precise determination of |Vub| using the decay Λ0b→pμν (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
Vladimir Gligorov 2015-02-12 Finding in a heartbeat (transparencies) LPNHE Seminar, Paris, France
Marco Papagallo 2015-02-09 Latest Results on Hadron Spectroscopy at LHCb (transparencies) CERN Seminar
Mika Anton Vesterinen 2014-09-30 Measurement of semileptonic asymmetries at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
A. Schires 2014-09-04 Test of lepton universality using B+ -> K+ l+ l- at LHCb  (transparencies 1 and transparencies 2) TH Seminar, CERN
M. T. Schiller 2014-08-12 Gamma measurements in Bs -> DsK and other tree-level decays (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
V. V. Gligorov 2014-17-06 Flavour physics : status and prospects (transparencies) EP Seminar, CERN
V. Belyaev 2014-30-05 Production of heavy quarks and quarkonia at LHC(b) (transparencies, pptx) Seminar at Tsinghua University, PR China
G. Cowan 2014-03-06 Confirmation of the Z(4430) – resonance and other exotic meson results from the LHCb experiment  (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
C. Joram 2014-23-05 The new Fibre Tracker for LHCb (transparencies, pptx) Detector Seminar, CERN
A. Palano 2014-28-03 New Results on Charm Spectroscopy in LHCb (transparencies) Seminar at Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, USA
A. Puig Navarro 2014-18-03 Photon polarization in b →s γ transitions at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
R. McNulty 2014-04-02 Central exclusive quarkonium production at LHCb (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
V. V. Gligorov 2014-01-24 Searching for physics beyond the Standard Model with LHCb and its upgrade (transparencies) IPPP Seminar, Durham University
J. Serrano 2013-06-08 Observation of Bs μ+ μ- at the LHC: LHCb results (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
F. Soomro 2013-25-06 Searches for lepton flavor violation at LHCb  (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
D. Tonelli 2013-12-06 The charm of New Physics at the LHC (transparencies) Physics on the road to discovery, Lisbon
Y. Xie 2013-21-05 New results on Bs mixing and CP violation from LHCb  (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
P. Perret 2013-02-08 Overview of the LHCb Calorimeter Detectors (transparencies)(pptx) Detector Seminar, CERN
A. Gomes 2012-10-02 Evidence of CP violation in B → hhh charmless decays (transparencies) LHC Seminar, CERN
D.Volyanskyy 2012-05-29 Recent results from LHCb (transparencies) Seminar at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Instituts-Seminar des IKP und IEKP), Karlsruhe, Germany
D. Martinez Santos 2012-04-04 The very rare decay Bs μ+ μ- (transparencies) (ppt) Seminar in Bucharest, Romania
E. Rodrigues 2012-02-08 Searching for Lepton Flavour Violation (transparencies) Particle Physics Seminar, University of Bristol
J. Albrecht 2011-10-07 Indirect searches for Physics beyond the Standard Model with the LHCb experiment (transparencies) B-Physik Seminar München
A. Papanestis 2011-10-07 The RICH detectors of LHCb (ppt) Detector Seminar, CERN
N. Tuning 2011-09-23 Precision Measurements at LHCb (transparencies) NIKHEF Colloquium, Amsterdam
P. Collins 2011-03-25 VELOPix and the LHCb Upgrade (transparencies) DESY Instrumentation Seminar, Hamburg University and XFEL
V. Vagnoni 2011-02-22 First results with charmless two-body B-decays at LHCb, and future prospects (transparencies) Joint EP/PP/LPCC seminar. CERN
F. Alessio 2009-06-02 Beam and Background Monitoring and the Upgrade of the Timing and Fast Control System for the LHCb experiment (transparencies) CPPM in Marseille
R. Lindner 2008-10-28 Status of the LHCb Experiment Installation, commissioning and prospects of early physics (transparencies) MIT, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, Boston, USA
I. Belyaev 2008-10-23 Radiative decays of beauty hadrons at LHCb (transparencies) (ppt) University of Barcelona, Spain
I. Belyaev 2008-05-12 LoKi & Bender: User Friendly physics analysis tools (transparencies) NIKHEF Colloquium, Amsterdam
I. Belyaev 2008-03-26 The LHCb Experiment: selected topics (transparencies) IFIN HH, Bucharest, Romania
T. Nakada 2008-03-13 LHCb - Search for New Physics at a Hadron B Factory (transparencies) CERN
M. Patel 2006-03-29 Status of the LHCb Experiment (transparencies) RHUL Particle Physics Seminar, London, UK
M. Ferro-Luzzi 2005-04-08 The LHCb Vertex Locator (transparencies.ppt) CERN
P. Collins 2003-03-14 The LHCb experiment at CERN (transparencies.pdf) Southampton University
F. Fiedler 2001-05-21 The LHCb vertex detector (postscript/ DESY, Hamburg, Germany
R. Forty 2001-06-07 Beauty physics beyond the B factories :  The LHCb experiment (ppt file) Giessen University
R. Jacobsson 2001-07 The LHCb Experiment (ppt.file) Warsaw University, Poland
T. Nakada 1999-04-02
LHCb experiment - physics and detector (pdf file) Clermont-Ferrand, France
Vienna, Austria
A. Go 1998-03-02 An EPR experiment testing the non-separability of the K0 - K0bar wavefunction (ps file) EP CERN Seminar