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Talks and publications given by the LHCb Collaborators, but not directly related to the LHCb Experiment

Tomasz Skwarnicki March 10, 2023 Multiquark Exotics International School on High Energy Physics (LISHEP), Rio de Janeiro,March 5-10, 2023
Christian Joram
Guido Haefeli
Blake Leverington

August 6, 2015
Scintillating Fibre Tracking at High Luminosity Colliders (Transparencies, JINST PDF) 2nd International Summer School on Intelligent Signal Processing for Frontier Research and Industry, Paris, France 14-25 July, 2015
Eli Ben-Haim March 20, 2015 Latest reusults from B factories (transparencies) 50th Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, La Thuile, Italy, 14 - 21 Mar 2015
Till Moritz Karbach February 25, 2015 GammaCombo (transparencies) New Physics at BELLE II Workshop in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 23-25 February 2015
Niko Neufeld February 18, 2015 Big Data and rare events : The boson in the hay-stack (transparencies) "Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015", 17-18 February 2015 in Berlin
Sheldon Stone May 2, 2014 How Technological innovations coudl influence the physics potential of b Physics at Hadron Colliders (transparencies) "The art of experiment" Symposium 40 years of advances, honoring David Nygren, May 2, 2014
Frederic Teubert July 21, 2014 Indirect probes of the Higgs Mechanism (mainly from Flavour Physics (transparencies) Higgs Hunting 2014, July 21-23, 2014, Orsay - France
Niko Neufeld June 25, 2014 Big Data and rare events: The boson in the hay-stack (transparencies) International Supercomputing Conference 2014 - Leipzig, Germany
Rolf Lindner May 20, 2014 From idea to realization of a HEP experiment (CERN) (transparencies, pptx) 2014 Topical Workshop: Management of Instrumentation Projects
Sheldon Stone May 8, 2014 Quark Flavor Physics I  (transparencies, pptx, video) Fermilab Academic Lectures "The Allure of Ultrasensitive Experiments"
Sheldon Stone May 6, 2014 Quark Flavor Physics II  (transparencies, pptx, video) Fermilab Academic Lectures "The Allure of Ultrasensitive Experiments"
Yuehong Xie April 18, 2013 Heavy flavor physics after the Higgs discovery (transparencies) 2014 National Conference on High Energy Physics of China
Marina Artuso Aug 17, 2013 Physics Using the 5 lighter Quarks and Charged Leptons
DPF - Santa Cruz, USA
Pierluigi Campana Dec 7, 2012 Flavour Physics at LHC (transparencies) BTML 2012 - Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures
Tim Gershon Sept 27, 2012 Heavy Flavour Physics at the LHC (transparencies) Lessons from the first phase of the LHC, DESY Hamburg, Germany
Sheldon Stone July 9, 2012 New Physics from Flavour (transparencies) 36th Int. Conference on High Energy Physics, Melbourne,  Australia
Niko Neufeld June 9, 2012 LHC Trigger & DAQ - an Introductory Overview (pptx) IEEE RealTime 2012, Berkeley, CA, USA
Pierluigi Campana Feb 28, 2012 Heavy Flavour Physics at the LHC (transparencies, pptx) Symposium "Symmetries and Phases in the Universe" 2012, Kloster Irsee, Germany
Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi Feb 6, 2012 Review of 2011 LHC run from the experiments perspective (transparencies, ppxt) LHC Performance Workshop - Chamonix 2012
Niko Neufeld Feb 1, 2012 Introduction to Detector Readout (transparencies, ppxt) ISOTDAQ 2012
Diego Martinez Santos Nov 3, 2011 Implications of Bs -> μμ upper limits (transparencies) Red de Fisica del LHC -- III jornadas del CPAN, Barcelona, Spain
Niko Neufeld Oct 25, 2011 High throughput DAQ systems (transparencies) ESC11 in Bertinoro and Seminar at CNAF, Bologna, Italy
Stone Sheldon Oct 20, 2011 Heavy Flavor Highlights (transparencies) Brookhaven Forum 2011: A First Glimpse of the Tera Scale
Artuso Marina Oct 20, 2011 b-hadron production and decays at the LHC: selected highlights (transparencies) Brookhaven Forum 2011: A First Glimpse of the Tera Scale
Stone Sheldon Aug 13, 2011 Heavy Flavor Physics (transparencies) 2011 Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of American Physical Society
Artuso Marina Aug 12, 2011 Heavy Flavors at the LHC (transparencies) 2011 Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of American Physical Society
Wilkinson Guy July 21-27, 2011 Searching for New Physics through Flavour (transparencies) The 19th Particles and Nuclei International Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi Dec 7, 2010 LHC Performance and Results (transparencies) (pptx) LHC Beam Operation Workshop - Evian
Ajaltouni Ziad Nov 11, 2010 Searching for new physics by means of relative phases and moduli of decay amplitudes (transparencies) Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Pascal Perret Oct 15, 2010 Future and Prospects for Heavy Flavour Physics at LHC (transparencies) (pptx) The Xth International Conference on Heavy Quarks & Leptons, Frascati, Italy
Hilke Hans Jürgen Oct 6, 2010 Time projection chambers (pdf) Reports on Progress in Physics - IOP Publishing

Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi

Sept 20, 2010

LHC Status Report (transparencies) (pptx)

UK HEP Forum 2010
Ronan McNulty Aug 2, 2010 Low-x physics at the LHC (transparencies) 2010 CTEQ-MCNetSchool, Lauterbad
Ajaltouni Ziad Dec 4, 2009 Resonance Polarizations and Tests of Fundamental Symmetries: From Phenomenology to Experiment (transparencies) Journey of Hadron Physics, LPTA, Montpellier
Ajaltouni Ziad Aug 21-28, 2009 Time Reversal Violation: Suggested Tests for Non-Leptonic Two-Body Decays (transparencies) 4th High Energy Conference in Madagascar (HEP-MAD 09)
Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi Sept 21-25, 2009 Plans for the Experiment Protection at LHC (transparencies) (ppt) Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP'09)
Andrei Golutvin September 2009 Future of Heavy Flavour Physics (transparencies) 70th Anniversary of Peter Dornan
Andrei Golutvin May 7-8, 2009 Overview on the LHC status and prospects (transparencies) UK HEP Forum "From the Tevatron to the LHC"
Thomas Ruf May 2-5, 2009 Prospects For B Physics At The LHC (transparencies) American Physical Society (APS) - April Meeting
Niko Neufeld March 21-27, 2009 Status and Prospects of LHC Experiments Data Acquisition (transparencies) (pptx) Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2009)
Marina Artuso
Elisabetta Barberio
Sheldon Stone
March 20, 2009 B Meson Decays (transparencies) PMC Physics A 2009, 3:3
Clara Matteuzzi March 14-21, 2009 Flavour physics in the LHC era (transparencies) The XLIIIth Rencontres de Moriond - QCD and High Energy Interactions, La Thuile, Italy
Andrei Golutvin February 15-18,2009
Physics case for LHCb & SuperLHCb (ppt)
SuperB worshop LAL, Orsay
Frederic Teubert December 1-4, 2008 New Physics on the Horizon with CLIC (transparencies) 44th ICFA Workshop under the sponsorship of the ICFA BD Panel, United Kingdom
Gloria Corti May 27 -30, 2008 Monte Carlo simulations in High Energy Experiments (transparencies) Calcolo Scientifico nella Fisica Italiana (CSF12008) , Rimini & Senigallia, Italy
Rustem Dzhelyadin Feb 28-Mar 5,
Recent efforts in the sampling calorimetry
10th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Lars Eklund Feb 28-Mar 5,
First results from the HEPAPS4 Active Pixel Sensor (transparencies) 10th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Werner Witzeling Feb 28-Mar 5,
The Status of the LHC Machine and the Experiments (pps) 10th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Andrey Golutvin May 12-16, 2007 FPCP 2007 Outlook: Experiment (ppt) Flavour Physics and CP Violation
Bled, Slovenia
Andrey Golutvin March 17-24, 2007
Prospects of search for New Physics in B decays at LHC (ppt)
La Thuile, Italy
Gloria Corti January 23-27, 2006
Machine induced background in the LHC experiments (ppt) (proceedings) HC Project Workshop Chamonix XIV
Divonne, France
Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi August 29, 2005 A novel method for measuring the absolute luminosity at the LHC (ppt) CERN EP Seminar
Muriel Pivk
François Le Diberder
  Isospin constraints from /on B->pp (pdf file)

Eur. Phys. C 39 (2005) 397-409

Ivan Belyaev March 12-19, 2005 Heavy Flavours  (ppt) Rencontres de Moriond: QCD and Hadronic Interactions at High Energy
La Thuile, Italy
Frederic Teubert August 16-22, 2004 Precision Tests of the Electroweak Interactions (ppt) (proceedings) ICHEP04
Beijing, China
Jose Angel Hernando Morata December 1-5, 2003 RecPack - a reconstruction toolkit (ppt) X International workshop on advanced computing and analysis techniques (ACAT03)
Tsukuba, Japan
Richard Jacobsson December 8-20, 2003 Trigger, data acquisition and control (ppt)
X ICFA school on instrumentation in elementary particle physics
Itacuruca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil,